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How Good It Is

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120–The career of Paul Pena
June 29, 2020

Hi, gang. I'm recording in the Southern Studio this week (and next week) so apologies for audio issues. It's a lot harder to do what I do when I'm using different equipment to do it. Case in point: what you're getting here is actually the SECOND record...

119–What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?
June 22, 2020

Click here to become a Patron of the show. Another bit I worked way too hard on. But it's worth blowing up if you're so inclined. R.E.M. had released two albums and hadn't toured since 1989, so when it came time to put together the album that e...

118–Wild Thing
June 15, 2020

Be part of the Wall of Fame as a Patron of the show. 300 I considered putting this song in one of my Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers collections, but there's more backstory to "Wild Thing" than most of those songs get,

117–Come Dancing
June 08, 2020

The Kinks are a band that seems to have some huge, HUGE adherents, and others who are more casual fans, and not much in between. And that seemed to reflect in their chart positions here in the United States. They'd get the positive reviews,

116–Mister Blue Sky
June 01, 2020

Out of the Blue was an honest-to-god masterpiece of an album, and probably the pinnacle of the Electric Light Orchestra's use of the classical music instruments in rock and roll songs. And the centerpiece of this album was almost certainly Side Three.

115–Cold Turkey
May 25, 2020

So I'm sitting here in my home office-slash-podcast studio, researching and writing this week's episode, and setting up the audio clips, and my dog is sitting at my feet pretty much the entire time. And as soon as I cracked the microphone open,

114–Leader of the Pack
May 18, 2020

I worked about as not-very-hard on this picture as I worked very-hard on the Taylor Swift picture. Go figure. In 1964 the Shangri-Las got on a sudden hot streak with their sultry recording of "Remember (Walking in the Sand)",

Episode 113–Shake It Off
May 11, 2020

WHAT! you say. We've been waiting a month and he brings us a Taylor Swift song? Well...yeah. But don't click away just yet. Here's the thing: I want to expand the scope of the show a little bit, and recently I heard a rather high-level discussio...

April 05, 2020

Don't forget to leave a review on Podchaser so they'll send some money to Wheels on Meals America through the #Reviews4Good program. Or, The Episode Where I Can't Speak Welsh. There's an old Doonesbury strip (Aug 1977) where rock star Jimmy ...

111–Werewolves of London
March 31, 2020

Warren Zevon was a talented musician and songwriter who had a lot of friends in the business, but didn't have the commercial success that his contemporaries had. One day in 1975 he, along with guitarists Waddy Wachtell and LeRoy Marinell,