How to Fix Democracy

How to Fix Democracy

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The Republican Thread: Conservatism in the Twentieth Century | Featuring Jacob Heilbrunn
June 04, 2024

In conversation with Andrew Keen, the American historian Jacob Heilbrunn, outlines the continuous history of the close association of conservative views and the Republican Party in the early to Mid-Tw

Pursuing Gay Rights in America’s Democracy | Featuring James Kirchick
May 08, 2024

For this episode, host Andrew Keen sits down with James Kirchick, journalist and author of the New York Times bestseller Secret City: the Hidden History of Gay Washington.They discuss the historical

How the Constitution and the Law Can Save American Democracy | Featuring Jeffrey Rosen
April 03, 2024

In this episode we delve into Jeffrey Rosen's latest work The Pursuit of Happiness. As the President of the National Constitution Center and a Professor of Law at George Washington University, Rosen b

Testing American Liberalism in the Cold War Years | Featuring James Traub
March 15, 2024

Testing American Liberalism in the Cold War Years In this episode journalist and historian James Traub delves into the paradoxical nature of liberalism in the post war years. The continuation of New D

Challenges to Democracy in the Cold War | Featuring Sarah Snyder
March 04, 2024

In conversation with Prof. Sarah Snyder, an historian of Cold War international relations, Andrew Keen examines the relationship of democratic goals with the realities of American foreign policy. As t

The Democratic Divide in a Post World War II America | Featuring Dr. Carol Anderson
February 02, 2024

The democratic divide in post WWII: advance abroad, retreat at home. In this episode, Andrew Keen speaks with Dr. Carol Anderson, professor of African American Studies at Emory University. They discu

American Democracy Transformed | Featuring Kevin Baker
December 13, 2023

American Democracy Transformed: A Conversation with Kevin Baker on the Interwar Era's Cultural and Political Evolution In this episode, host Andrew Keen discusses with writer and editor, Kevin Baker,

Fighting for Equity: African-American struggles in the '20s and '30s | Featuring Jill Watts
November 10, 2023

Fighting for Equity: African-American struggles in the '20s and '30s. In this episode, host Andrew Keen talks to Jill Watts author of The Black Cabinet, about the untold story of African Americans and

Women's Political Rights | Featuring Dr. Allida Black
October 24, 2023

Women's Political Rights | Dr. Allida Black Allida Black speaks with host Andrew Keen about the history of women in politics and the impact of their noteworthy political and social activism, which dat

The Hoover Presidency | Featuring Richard Norton Smith
September 20, 2023

In this episode of How to Fix Democracy, host Andrew Keen engages in a conversation with the author and historian Richard Norton Smith, delving into a discussion about the Hoover presidency and its pr