ANGEL LADY Movie Talk : How to Connect with Angels Podcast

ANGEL LADY Movie Talk : How to Connect with Angels Podcast

ANGEL LADY MOVIE TALK interviews Dan Moore, Producer — Sheridan Film Company

October 27, 2022
Emmy-winning Costume Designer Dan Moore, talks about working with the greats and the ANGEL LADY journey to production.  28 minutes

In 1979, Dan Moore had completed all of his Ph.D. exams in the English Department of The Ohio State University.  He was making desultory progress on his dissertation, when a movie came to town.  Like any self-respecting grad student, Dan snapped up a job as a P.A. on BRUBAKER and never looked back.

That stint as a P.A. led to continued work for many years as a self-taught Costumer and ultimately a Costume Designer. Dan designed the costumes for over twenty films and TV movies, including JOHNNY HANDSOME, GERONIMO: AN AMERICAN LEGEND, WILD BILL, and the mini-series ‘The Bronx is Burning.” 

Dan was nominated for the Costume Designers Guild award for his work on “61*” and won the Emmy for the series “The Magnificent 7.” His resume includes several Westerns and action movies in related genres, often marked by his ability to individuate men in groups. 

In 2015 Dan served as Costume Supervisor on DEEPWATER HORIZON, his ninth project to shoot in Louisiana. He followed that with the design job on LBJ, directed by Rob Reiner and starring Woody Harrelson in the title role. Dan renewed his collaboration with Reiner in 2016, designing SHOCK AND AWE, a timely examination of the press’s coverage of the march to war in Iraq.  He closed his costuming career in 2018 as the Costume Supervisor on Best Picture Oscar Winner GREEN BOOK. 

With more than thirty-five years in the film business under his belt, Dan is eager to produce meaningful material with a wide appeal under the banner of SHERIDAN FILM COMPANY, in partnership with his wife, screenwriter/producer Sheri Leigh Myers. They live in New Orleans.