How It Happened, The "Self Made" Ideology

How It Happened, The "Self Made" Ideology

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3D Print Powerhouse Derek Leslie of LAE Technologies
January 15, 2019

Have a product idea? Get it 3D Printed!  Derek Leslie gives us a tour of his world of 3D Print Technology and lets us in on how he has ramped up his very profitable business model.

Jim Liefer CEO of Kindred Artificial Intelligence
January 10, 2019

Buckle your seatbelt as Jim Liefer CEO of Kindred Artificial Intelligence discuses the A.I revolution and Kindred's leading role in Robot learning. Jim chats about topics like human employment, the near future of robotics, General Artificial Intelli...

Experiential Marketing Guru, Calum McGuigan
December 15, 2018

Today my guest is Calum McGuigan, the founder of the company called Fervent Events, a Toronto-based experiential marketing agency. Just in the past few years Fervent Events revenue has grown buy 1622% hitting $4 million last year. Now let's hear fro...

Daniel Spivak of Revitasize Juice Kitchen.
December 15, 2018

There is the juicery in Toronto that in just a few years has went from an idea around a family kitchen table to seven stores and has been a ridiculously profitable for this family entrepreneurial team. Today we spend some time with Daniel Spivak a Y...

Brian Cappe on Life, Success and The Marijuana (Pot) Stock Revolution
December 05, 2018

Brian Cappe who from an early age began making himself into a rock star of the stock market now particularly marijuana stocks is his focus and you won't want to miss this podcast as he gives his latest insights into that emerging market.