How Do I Get There?

How Do I Get There?

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010 | Xhon Dang
November 30, 2020

How do you survive as an artist in New York? We talk about that and much more in this episode of the podcast. We brought on Xhon Dang, a New York based Filmmaker who's trying to slowly make his way from corporate and freelance work to the narrative scene.

009 | Christoph Benfey
September 02, 2020

This episode has Christoph Benfey join in and we talk about so much. His new big studio, his short that's been waiting to premiere on youtube for 2 years, and his thoughts on the come-up. Follow Christoph here:

008 | Nikita Brusnitsyn and Andrew Ravindran
August 27, 2020

This is a special episode, I bring on my Director of Photography and my Lead Actor from my film "For Your Benefit" you can find the link here: or on the youtube channel "TheKhaniProject". Check out the film and listen to us ta

007 | Rahul Chaturvedi
August 11, 2020

Today's episode has my dear friend Rahul, director of Forbidden Tikka Masala. A film that can be watched on the Omeleto Youtube channel, or you can copy or click on this link  We talk about film festivals,

006 | Gavin Michael Booth
July 31, 2020

We are back, after the needed break. Today we have on Gavin, director of Last Call. He brings incredible insight for any filmmaker trying to make their artistic expression a career. You can follow Gavin here: Insta:

005 | Lee Zavitz
April 22, 2020

Follow Lee in the following links! me here! This episode

004 | Mark Holtze
April 16, 2020

On this episode I talk to Mark, we spends his day job editing for larger production houses and his time off making killer youtube video's about older lenses and gear. Check him out here:, or here: https://www.ins

003 | Cody Wanner
April 06, 2020

Cody Wanner comes on the show and talks about a whole lot. His mindset now at week 3 of the pandemic, how he pushed through a year of vlogs, and his advice in general. Follow Cody here:,

002 | Nelson Campana
April 03, 2020

Today's episode features Nelson Campana, a photographer who shoots the Toronto Raptors. We talk about where he was when the NBA was canceled, his come up on the scene to be able to shoot the Toronto Raptors, where he was when we won, his tips for anyone c

001 | Rondel
March 26, 2020

Episode 1 of the How Do I Get There Podcast! Today we talk to Rondel about how he goes plans and budgets his trips and his mental outlook of traveling in general.  Follow Rondel: me on Twitter: https://twit