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Ryan Heffington, Choreographer & Director, “Don’t Care & Don’t Stop”
April 15, 2019

My guest on this week’s podcast is a choreographer and art director, and he and I lived together for a 9-week stint in New York City, where we were both cast in an off Broadway show with our friend Margaret (Cho). Even though that was 2007, it feels...

Amy Landecker, Actor, Writer, Director, “Graduate Level Freedom”
April 08, 2019

My guest this week is someone I admire and I’m lucky I get to call her my friend. She has so much wisdom to offer, so get a notepad and write down all the good takeaways she’s about to offer. She got her start in the voiceover and theater worlds...

Paul Jane Hamilton, Make Up Artist, “The Nicest Place On Set”
April 01, 2019

My guest this week is originally from down under. She won the lottery, a different kind of lottery, and came to the U. S. and became a makeup artist, but it didn’t happen fast and it wasn’t easy. But she has amazing tips on who to follow in the...

Ken Phillips, Publicist, “Crue Love”
March 25, 2019

My guest this week was a music fanatic from his earliest years, rock n roll in particular, so much so that you can say that Motley Crue got him suspended from school. He met a wildly famous songwriter at a luncheon that changed his trajectory forever,...

Katie Malia, Actor, Writer, Producer, Choreographer, “Look At What Stinks”
March 18, 2019

I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone more active on their own creative behalf than my guest this week, Katie Malia. She is perhaps the most multi-hyphenated person I currently know in showbiz. Now, I could let that send me into a shame spiral...

Marie Schley, Costume Designer “And The Emmy Goes To"
March 11, 2019

My guest today is Emmy Award winning costume designer, Marie Schley. Marie found her love through her first showbiz gig, which happened to be returning clothes to stores from a production that had wrapped. She explains how she connects her (seemingly...

Ray Abruzzo, Actor, “My New Man Crush”
March 04, 2019

My new man crush, actor @rayabruzzo Ray Abruzzo, has a career that spans many decades, beginning with theater as a young man in high school in New York City.  He fearlessly opened the first scene in his first play in school , and it felt right to...

Chris Haston, Photographer, "If You Want The Biscuit”
February 25, 2019

Chris Haston got his first camera when he was 9, that was 48 years ago. He used his $5 allowance to purchase one roll of film per week to shoot it and develop it. He read articles in the art mags to learn how to light his photography. His early love...

Garrison Starr, Singer, Songwriter, “Birth State With Perspective”
February 18, 2019

Show biz includes the music biz, and my next guest is from Mississippi, that’s where the accent is from. She started playing out at chapel when she was 15 and got started in the Memphis music scene not long after that, which led her to a development...

Silas Howard, Director, “Organic Relentlessness”
February 11, 2019

My guest this week on HOW DID YOU GET HERE podcast is Silas Howard. Silas went from San Francisco punk rocker, who didnt know how to play his instrument when he first started and ended up touring the