Real Estate Snakes, Landmines and Grass Fires

Real Estate Snakes, Landmines and Grass Fires

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We Reveal the Not Obvious SLG024
April 26, 2019

What does that mean? What is Not Obvious? If we knew, then it would be obvious. We know it when we see it. With only 5 or 10 real estate transaction, you are less likely to see the snakes, landmines and grassfires.

I Don’t Know – SLG023
April 25, 2019

I have been struggling for several years to understand how to tell prospective clients that they need me. Most prospective clients know what they know and usually do not want to know more (except how much is it worth?) They do not know ….

AirBnB Disruption – SLG022
April 20, 2019

Disruption of Bed and Breakfast and hotels I have been to AirBnB meetups each month to learn more about what is happening. There is an entire industry and supporting ancillary services. Some home owners offer the extra room in their home.

Should I use a Real Estate Wholesaler ? SGL020
April 07, 2019

Should I buy real estate from a wholesaler Should sellers work with a real estate wholesaler? Wholesaling real estate is the practice of acquiring properties at discounted prices and reselling them for profit.

How to Find a Good Deal – SLG021
March 23, 2019

To find a property and add value, look for properties which need repair or which do not offer features which are now popular. You can add Covered parking Additional storage Make it pet friendly, such as covered dog runs.

Internet Buyers to stop pain ? SLG019
March 21, 2019

I recently had a seller client phone to say she had received a solicition from an iBuyer (internet Buyer) that wanted to bid on her house. I contacted the iBuyer and they decided not to make an offer. The reason was inane and innocuous.

Contingency or Non-contingency SLG018
March 13, 2019

What is Contingency? Which is better Contingency or Non-Contingency real estate commission? How can real estate buyers get a rebate on their next transaction? How can Sellers get reduced sales commissions?

Prepare for the Unknown – SGL016
March 01, 2019

Welcome to the Poodle Ranch. These podcast episodes talk about Snakes, Landmines and Grass Fires that I have experienced in my real estate career. After 28 years experience, I have personally toured thousands of properties to make a determination of ...

Single Family Homes vs Commercial Contracts – SLG017
March 01, 2019

We did a podcast about each paragraph about the Commercial Texas Promulgated contract. So why did we not discuss the 1 to 4 family contract? Because the commercial and residential contracts have similar features except the commercial is several pages...

Real Estate Financial Analysis App – To Determine Value – SGL015
February 23, 2019

We talk about the purpose and use of my web application to determine value of an income producing property. You can use it on a desktop computer or your mobile phone. For use you determine value for buying or selling.