Houston and Nature

Houston and Nature

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25: A Natural History of the Pineywoods (Part 2): Settlers, Steamboats and Market Hunting, with Jim Neal
December 28, 2022

we traveled back to a time when the Pineywoods featured mammoths and saber toothed tigers. Then we worked our way forward through the arrival of the first humans and their indigenous successors. Toda

24: A Natural History of the Pineywoods and the West Gulf Coastal Plain (Part 1): Leaving the Ice Age
December 04, 2022

The Pineywoods is a forested area in Eastern Texas and in the West Gulf Coastal Plain (a very wide stretch of Gulf coast that extends from the Mississippi all the way to the Lower Rio Grande Valley).

23: Protecting Houston’s 22 Bayous and Waterways - The Big Picture
September 15, 2022

Have you wondered if anyone sees the big picture on caring for Houstons bayous and waterways? I have, and thats why I sat down with Brittani Flowers, the president and CEO of the Bayou Preservation

22: It’s Breeding Season at the Smith Oaks Rookery
April 08, 2022

The Smith Oaks Rookery on High Island, in springtime, teems with life. Several species of colonial nesting birds come here to raise their young. And they do so right in front of human onlookers, witho

21: Kristi Rangel Reclaims Space and Place in Nature
March 02, 2022

Kristi Rangel has many facets: By career she is an educator, public health official, and artist. By passion she explores African American connections to the land in Houston. When she talks, you quickl

20: Go birding with Sarah Flournoy and Houston Audubon
January 16, 2022

Does observing birds as they jump from twig to twig, stalk prey, feed their young bring you joy? Then, according to Sarah Flournoy of the Houston Audubon Society, you are a birder, whether you own

19: Texas Parks And Wildlife Meets A Changing State Population
December 09, 2021

The population of Texas is changing, but the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is ready. In this third episode of a three part interview, Ted Hollingsworth tells us how his agency addresses the incr

18: How Texas Parks And Wildlife Protects At-Risk Species Across The State
November 26, 2021

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) describes its approach to protecting the states ecosystems as science-based and forward-looking. How does being science-based work in a political cultur

17: My Time at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in Houston
November 20, 2021

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is a state government agency, and it maintains a number of tourist attractions in the Houston area. An example is the San Jacinto Monument, where Texans won the

16: Let's Return Native Plants to Houston!
September 24, 2021

In this episode well look at Houston through the lens of a native plant enthusiast. Katy Emde, an expert member of the Native Plant Society of Texas, explains why native plants are great but sometime