House Calls Vermont

House Calls Vermont

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Regulatory Rules and Issues for Residential Contractors in Vermont
February 08, 2021

This week Chris and Jim take a look at the regulatory environment in Vermont regarding Contractors. We are speaking specifically about Residential Contractors. Commercial Contractors already have lots

Passive Houses Part 2: Elements and Benefits
February 01, 2021

This week Chris and Jim finish their discussions on Passive House and super insulated houses.  We cover topics such as the Passive elements and move into the active elements (like ventilation, heating

Passive Houses: What Are They and How Do They Work?
January 25, 2021

Today Jim and Chris discuss the benefits of super insulated houses known as the Passive House.  These houses, when built correctly, use almost no energy to heat and cool. A 1200 square foot house in C

Insulation Part 2
January 18, 2021

Jim and Chris just didn't have the time to get through all of the points about insulation last week so we are returning to the land of Insulation!  They finish fluffy or batt insulation and go on to d

Insulation: More Than Just Keeping Your House Warm
January 11, 2021

Jim and Chris talk about insulation. What kinds are there? What is the difference between fluffy and rigid?  Is spray foam fluffy or rigid?  Which insulation should be used in what applications and mo

Taking a Closer Look at Windows
January 04, 2021

This week on House Calls Vermont Chris and Jim dive into the second part of Windows. Who knew there was so much to talk about regarding windows! Well there is! Frame, glazing, coatings, wall to frame

Improving Indoor Air Quality
December 07, 2020

This Saturday Chris and Jim discuss Indoor Air Quality. With the heating season upon us we are spending much more time inside. Do you notice a change in your health at this time if year? It could be the indoor air quality.

Efficiencies in Conditioned Spaces
December 01, 2020

Jim and Chris talk about the final bit of the ABC's of Air Sealing the C is for Conditioned Spaces. It is where we live. Between the attic above and the basement below.  What are the issues we can have with the conditioned spaces?

Discussing All Things Basement
November 23, 2020

This week we spoke about Basements. What types there are. The issues we have there with durability, comfort, and health and safety issues and how best to approach fixing these. Where do I put the insulation? What is first,

What You Need to Know About Attics
November 16, 2020

Jim and Chris give the basic building science on attics, flats, cathedral ceilings/slopes, knee walls.  What is important to know when considering improving the performance of your attic and how a leaky attic affects how the whole house operates.