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June 08, 2024

Powerful message that can transform your life, where we place our mind and what we give to our thoughts, it will determine our focus , how to Live pleasing to our God. Remember we are a believer so we must to believe and trust GOD for our transformation .

May 29, 2024

God want s you to experience healing and deliverance and prosperity. Dont carry that burdens with you, place them under your feet and use it as a stepping stone to rise up, above the situation. UN forgiveness is a big burden, forgive them and you will ex

Your SACRIFICE is the key
May 20, 2024

God is the God of restoration . This is for you please listen . Everything that is broken in your life, GOD can restore it . House of Favor Information 18007579733 For PrayerDirect line - 9258760293Email tmimoverflow@yahoo.comAddress TMI MINISTRIES

May 09, 2024

This is for you. You must thank the Lord for giving you divine strength to praise HIM , His Grace is sufficient for you even in your trials. Please dont allow the enemy to Stop you from Praising GOD. 18007579733 For PrayerDirect line - 9258760293Email

April 25, 2024

God is going to put you on somebodys mind whose in a position to restore what you lost, remember nothing hasnt lost that will not be restored by God if you just believe it .18007579733 Direct line - 9258760293Email tmimoverflow@yahoo.comhttps://www.t

Improving my Spiritual Health
April 23, 2024

Anything that stand between you and the life that you want to be living are in need to be change or declutter or to be removed. Put your Spiritual life in order to receive the life that God wants you to have . 18007579

CALLING my Harvest
April 18, 2024

Dont judge your day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant . Always do your best what you plant now you will harvest later. Embrace every seasons , GOd is using every seasons to shape you and prepare you for the future . 18007579733 F

Detours doesn’t mean’s STOP ✋
March 07, 2024

Detours are not always a bad things , sometimes there is a lesson to learn . Life is not a straight line , detours is a part of life. You must see that detours is an opportunity to experience new things .One detour experience doesn’t cancel your Destinati

God’s plan and God’s Direction
February 21, 2024

God has a plan for you. Trust HIS timing and trust HIS plan. God has a special timing, its never late . Have Faith and Patience . 18007579733 For PrayerDirect line - 9258760293Email tmimoverflow@yahoo.comhttps://www.titamaya.comAddress TMI MINISTR

HEALING is yours
February 09, 2024

Please listen to this , Decree and Declare every day . Receive your miraculous healing . . 18007579733 For PrayerDirect line - 9258760293Email tmimoverflow@yahoo.comhttps://www.titamaya.comAddress TMI MINISTRIES 2590