Hotspur Way, An Adult Tottenham Hotspur Podcast

Hotspur Way, An Adult Tottenham Hotspur Podcast

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Hotspur Way \ S01E44 \ Geppetto
April 30, 2024

Hannah, Johnny, Josh & Jaymes talk about the NLD, refereeing decisions, why it's okay for Ange to not discuss set pieces, and they cover the Chelsea and Liverrpool games while also talking about t

Hotspur Way \ S01E42 \ The Hotspur Gape
April 24, 2024

Hannah, Toj & Jaymes go over Tottenham Hotspur's Financial Statements and explain a few things you might not have thought of. The guys then discuss Eric Dier's interview, answer some listener ques

Hotspur Way \ S01E42 \ P E R S P E C T I V E
April 17, 2024

Hannah, Toj, Johnny & Jaymes don't go over the Newcastle United game but instead ask the question "What do we as fans want?" We answer listener questions, and discuss who wins a fisting competitio

Hotspur Way \ S01E41 \ Wheelsy
April 10, 2024

Johnny, Josh & Jaymes welcome Alex a.k.a. Wheelsy ( The guys talk about the Nottingham Forest game, their love for Yates, spinning around on 65, and they cover thi

Hotspur Way \ S01E40 \ Heathrow
April 02, 2024

Hannah, Toj & Jaymes recorded this right after the West Ham game, and just in case you're wondering why the title of this Tottenham Hotspur podcast episode is called "Heathrow," it might be best t

Hotspur Way \ S01E39 \ Bent Anchor
March 26, 2024

Hannah, Toj, Josh & Jaymes start off this Tottenham Hotspur podcast (if you want to call it that) by digging into Luton. The guys cover a host of interesting topics like "The Top 47 Things To Do I

Hotspur Way \ S01E38 \ Gone with the Wind
March 19, 2024

Hannah, Toj, Josh & Jaymes get the show off with a bang... literally! We chat about losing to Fulham and why so many fans lose their heads. We then answer some questions, figure out what "docking"

Hotspur Way \ S01E37 \ Unsupervised Foreplay
March 13, 2024

Hannah, Toj & Josh are left to their own devices. We're not too sure what they talk about but we hope they cover our second half electric performance against Aston Villa. If not, do write in to yo

Hotspur Way \ S01E36 \ All About the Benjamins
March 08, 2024

Hannah, Toj & Josh welcome on Ben (@ben_bowman_) as they go over the new season ticket announcement and more.Hotspur Way is an adult Tottenham Hotspur Podcast. You have been warned!If X is your

Hotspur Way \ S01E35 \ Stink Star
March 05, 2024

Hannah, Johnny, Jaymes & Toj cover the Palace game, wonder which body part Romero is going to take as a trophy when he comes up against Matty Cash, and answer some questions. Josh makes a cameo ap