Hot Mess To Great Success

Hot Mess To Great Success

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Episode 9: Let’s Focus on You…
June 28, 2019

Sharpen Your Saw - Do you need to sharpen your saw?  Falling behind on your field, technology, happenings in your company?  Set-up a system so that you NEVER fall behind again. - 1.  Great a folder on your Google Drive Toolbar.

Episode 8 – Who is Kicking Your Ass?
May 15, 2019

SHE'S BACK... Welcome back...I took a little hiatus....and in this episode, I discuss three topics Who has been kicking you in the ass? Who is your ideal client The 90/10 rule - Topic 1:  Who is kicking you in the ass?   -

Episdoe 7: Search Yo Self
March 20, 2019

Hello from sunny San Diego!  I'm here for Social Media Marketing World put on by Social Media Examiner.  Looking forward to supporting the team and resting a bit in my fancy hotel room. - My big achievement:  Before we get started I wanted to share wi...

Episode 6: Preparing to Attend a Conference
February 19, 2019

DO NOT SHOW UP AS A HOT MESS!  Welcome to the beginning of conference season!  You may be attending a conference to learn something new, obtain professional credits, make connections, or just get out of the office.

Episode 5: Process…Process…Process
February 07, 2019

Our Three Big Topics:   - Topic 1:  From post-it notes to organized When I speak, I have often been heard saying  “my business has been held together by post it notes and peanut butter.”  When I started my business (and actually until the last year) ...

Episode 4: Hello From South Carolina! I’m Sick and the Dogs are Barking….
January 21, 2019

Boundaries, Style Sheets and Tools of your Business - OH MY! Visiting "Dannielle with two N's" this week - we are sick as dogs and her dogs are barking.  Great time to record a podcast! - Jen’s Lessons Learned:   Take advantage of the bump.

Episode 3: Pandora With a Slide of Planning
January 14, 2019

Hello!  Welcome to Week 3 of the podcast Hot Mess to Great Success!  I'm Dr. Jennifer Gardell and I am THRILLED you have decided to take the plunge into goal planning with me. - LAST WEEK’s Topics: Setting Yourself up for success with tracking - ...

Episode 2: Organized for Success
January 06, 2019

Welcome to the second week of Hot Mess to Great Success, a podcast dedicated to helping you get all or certain aspects of your life in order.  Remember, you don't have to shout your disorganization from the rooftop, hire and expensive coach -

Episode 1: Sick of Survival
December 27, 2018

Welcome to the first episode of Hot Mess To Great Success a podcast dedicated to helping you getting your business, career, and parts of your life into shape.  My goal is to inspire you through my own story.