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Hot and Dry Podcast

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Bill deBuys
October 29, 2021

Page and Collin talk with author, conservationist, and farmer Bill deBuys from his home in El Valle, NM.

"The land is the people, the people are the land"
October 04, 2021

Page and Collin chat with Lindsey Quam, Deputy Director of Forests, New Mexico Forestry Division.

Water Back & the Pueblo Action Alliance
September 13, 2021

In this episode of Hot & Dry we talk with Julia Bernal about the Pueblo Action Alliance, her recent experience traveling to DC to deliver a totem and checking in on "Auntie Deb" (Secretary of the Inte

The Hot & Dry Part Of It
July 22, 2021

In this, our intermission episode of Season 3, Collin and Page are guestless, but not totally clueless and they've got great taste in film. Tune in for an invitation to an upcoming movie night on Coll

Laura Paskus - The River is Not Alright
June 24, 2021

Page and Collin sit down with Laura Paskus, an environmental writer and journalist in New Mexico. We talk about water, climate change, and how chicken little kinda got a bad rap. Laura's new book, At the Precipice, is out now. Go buy it!

Big Fights & Little Wins
June 09, 2021

In this episode of Hot & Dry, we talk about local solutions to global issues with Las Cruces City Council member, Gabe Vasquez. Joined by a charm of finches, we talk to Gabe about his reason for running for council, his big ideas for the Rio Bravo, and wh

Nina Elder & paradox pies
May 27, 2021

In this, our second episode of Hot & Dry's third season, we catch up with artist and activist Nina Elder moments before she flies to Alaska for her next project. Our conversation with Nina covers the importance of embracing complexity, the fraying and wea

Melanie for Congress
May 12, 2021

New season, new co-host, and a new focus. For our third season of Hot & Dry, we invited New Mexico's climate influencers—leaders in and from the state who are committed to climate change adaptation, mitigation, and research to be our guests. The artists,

Fire in the West 2020
September 30, 2020

In our last episode of the season we process out loud the fire season that is 2020. We hear from folks directly impacted and talk to a certified climate expert to learn how climate change is (or isn't) causing the fires on the west coast.

Good Fire
September 10, 2020

Living with fire means different things to different people. In this episode Cally and Collin talk with Jeremy Bailey and Pepe Iniguez about how prescribed fire and managed fire might help us create a pathway that leads us living with fire. We talk about