History of Southeast Asia

History of Southeast Asia

Episode 19, The First Two Divisions of Vietnam

April 17, 2017

This episode covers Vietnam in the early modern era, from 1471 to 1819. Twice during this period, Vietnam was divided between rival factions, from 1527 to 1592, and then from 1592 to 1802. We will also see Champa, Vietnam's rival in Episodes 4 and 8, for the last time. Finally, one French clergyman will invent today's Vietnamese alphabet, and another will help Vietnam pull itself together again; that marks the beginning of French involvement in Vietnam, which we will see much more in future episodes.

VIetnam in 1650

This map from Wikipedia shows Vietnam around 1650, in the middle of the second division. The lands belonging to all the players mentioned in this episode are shown here. The Bau Lords are not mentioned because they were the least important faction; all they did was keep their district in the northwest independent of the other families, from 1527 until 1699.

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