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Horse Geeks

Horse Geeks Episode 101: Simple Does Not Mean Easy

August 17, 2023

The Horse Geeks Podcast – Where we look at horses and riding from the inside out

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Topic: The complexity of a body in motion is not simple, but working with the forces of motion generated by every single change in that body is simple. When we stick with what we feel, we know when our horse begins to discover better mechanical coordination because the feeling of the ride becomes smoother, easier and more stable, despite any conformational challenges. Understanding how forces of motion need to be organized gets us away from over managing body parts or struggling in one dimension at a time. When we picture the lines of force, in three dimensions, that are generated by correct mechanical use, then we stick with the simplest part of riding and training – but simple does not mean that it is easy – for us or our horse. Changing internal coordination, the very habits of how we move, is not easy for any “body” us or our horses.

Guest: Deb Romero, certified Alexander Technique Instructor

Host: Kirsten Nelsen, professional horse trainer

Developer of Training for Optimal Balance

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