hopnology: Hop Growing and Brewing for Craft Beer

hopnology: Hop Growing and Brewing for Craft Beer

Latest Episodes

#30: Pivot!
September 16, 2019

Hop yards, just like any business, come with constant decisions to be made.  Left or right?  Up or down?  This week we discuss pivot points as your business grows, shrinks and takes some left turns.

#29: Hop Storage
September 10, 2019

This week we get into cold storage and compression to keep your finished crop ready for sale.  Also, more from Lithuania!

#28: Harvesters! Plus…Pumpkin Beer
September 04, 2019

We finally arrive at one of our most-asked about topics: hop harvesters.  How do they work, what should you look for when buying one and how to troubleshoot.  We start off however with Gregg venting about pumpkin(less) beer when it’s still @#$#ing summ...

#27: James’ Favorite Hopyard Tools
August 26, 2019

The right tool for the right job.  This week we talk about everyday implements that you should have in your hopyard.  Tools that change the way you approach farm management and make you ask “why didn’t we do this sooner”?

#26: Attending Beer Festivals
August 19, 2019

Ah, the beer festival.  All of your potential customers are there at once and ready for you to hit them up for sales, right?  So, so wrong.  This week we share stories of past beer festivals, including how to make the most of them while keeping your ex...

#25: State of the Craft Beer Market
August 12, 2019

This week we put down the farm implements and open up last month’s New Brewer publication from the Brewer’s Association.  We pick apart the numbers around the growth and decline of various segments of the industry, changing consumer tastes,

#24: Hop Harvest!
August 05, 2019

Tales from the hop yard as we walk through the when, how and why of harvesting.  We talk about hand harvesting (here’s a hint: don’t), how to engage local artists in your waste material and why you should make friends with retired machinists.

#23: Be True To Your Brew
July 29, 2019

We tried to stay impartial, we really did, but it’s just not possible anymore.  James and Gregg take on the market influx of hazy-milkshake-slushy-juicy and make a case for what “beer” really is vs what it’s marketed to be.

#22: Pre-Harvest Hop Yard Logistics
July 22, 2019

It’s almost harvest time for your hop yard.  Are you ready?  As you shepherd your crop through the final weeks, getting your harvest process dialed in is a step that you can’t ignore.  Whether it’s labor scheduling, equipment testing,

#21: Flash Cards in the Hop Yard
July 15, 2019

We’re going back to school!  Gregg presents James with a series of problems in the hop yard during a virtual walk-through of nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations and general issues in an imaginary hop yard that hopefully doesn’t look like yours.