Homesteads and Homeschools

Homesteads and Homeschools

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Chilly Trees in Pots: Part II
March 09, 2021

Jacob Linzy is back for a two parter! If you forgot who he is, go freshen up and give a listen. The second part of this two parter found us talking all about community and how to grow it. The Links Music from the Show: If you're enjoying...

Chilly Trees in Pots with Jacob Linzy
March 03, 2021

Jacob Linzy is back for a two parter! If you forgot who he is, go freshen up and give a listen. On the first half of this parter we talk about trees, keeping them in pots, and some updates. The Links Music from the Show: If you're enjoying...

A Goat Riddled Update
February 23, 2021

A solo episode in which I update you all on the goat explosiveness and some of the things we've learned through our first kidding season. So many things. And gardens. Enjoy. The Links If you're enjoying the show, you can join the discussion at...

When the Mead Starts Moving
February 18, 2021

Joining the show today to talk all about mead, is AB, the guy behind Agora Brewing. AB offers classes and help to get the mead flowing. We talked about his class, his future plans, and of course how he found the magnificent world of mead. Give it a...

Pickin' It With Pat
February 10, 2021

Tactical Lock Picking for the Homestead

TX Joe is a Homeschooling Dad!
February 02, 2021

This week we welcome back the fantastic TX Joe of the Insurgency Knitting Circle. Last time Joe was on we discussed personal safety and a bit about his homestead. This time we talk about some new adventures in Joe's world, like homeschooling! And a -...

Farmarchy with the Farmarchist!
January 26, 2021

Food is super important, and so are the farmer's that grow it, but the ag business is manipulated and floated by big government so much so, it's hard to understand some of the real costs. It's also a great topic to have conversations over to help show...

Deep Into Unschooling with Pam Laricchia
January 19, 2021

We've talked about unschooling on the podcast before, but today we really dug deep with guest Pam Laricchia, author of a handful of unschooling books, public speaker and host of the Exploring Unschooling podcast. Pam has been on the unschooling...

Hangin' with Papa Pepper
January 12, 2021

Episode 103 bring another long sought after guest, Papa Pepper! Papa Pepper is living the life many homesteaders strive for, growing his family, growing his crops, building his animal flocks, and being an all around all-star. Oh, and he's an author....

Chicken for All! with Geoff Wacker
January 05, 2021

Welcome to 2021! And welcome to our first guest of the year, Geoff Wacker. Geoff is a chicken guy. He grows a lot of chickens, but doesn't put them all in his own freezer. I talked to Geoff about what he does with all his "extra" chickens, why he does...