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The Homeschool Sanity Show

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How To Speak The Love Languages As A Homeschool Mom
November 09, 2021

Hey, homeschoolers! Last month, my husband's sister Nancy passed away after a two-year battle with ovarian cancer. She was a lifelong international missionary and a bold evangelist. I interviewed her

Discovering Your Child’s Smarts With Dr. Kathy Koch
October 14, 2021

Hey, homeschoolers. When we begin teaching our kids at home, we quickly realize that some of them have traditional smarts with words and logic, but others have smarts that aren't celebrated in school.

How to Prevent Sibling Rivalry
October 02, 2021

Hey homeschoolers! I know that sibling squabbles are a serious source of stress. I know this personally and professionally. I have been giving a talk for Great Homeschool Conventions on how to negotia

How To Study History On Location
September 23, 2021

Hey, homeschoolers! What if you could study history where it happened? My guests for today's podcast tell us how to make that possible, whether you're able to travel or not. - Before I introduce my gu

Teaching Christian History With Danika Cooley
September 14, 2021

Hey, homeschoolers! If you haven't yet included Christian history in your curriculum lineup, or even if you have, I have a treat for you. I'm interviewing Danika Cooley today about her new book series

How To Cope With Extreme Stress
September 07, 2021

Hey, homeschoolersI Today I want to talk with you about coping with extreme stress by telling you what happened when I was 14 years old. I don't want to break up the story, though, so I'm going to tha

How To Be More Diligent This Year
August 24, 2021

Hey homeschoolers! I have been praying dailly about becoming more diligent for years. But only recently did I realize that I was going about increasing my diligence in the wrong way. That's what this

When Your Teen Isn’t On The College Track
August 17, 2021

Hey, homeschoolers! I attended a conference session years ago when I was getting ready to homeschool high school for the first time. This particular session was geared toward parents of advanced stude

How To Homeschool: A Guide For Beginners
August 10, 2021

If you are planning to homeschool for the first time or know someone who is, this is the episode for you. I changed my content schedule because I'm getting requests for this information. I can save my

How To Make Fitness A Part Of Your Homeschool
July 20, 2021

Hey, homeschoolers! I have been a fitness enthusiast my entire adult life. I ran track in high school but became enamored with weight training because of a required class in college. I saw a young wom