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Is A Montessori Approach A Good Fit For Your Homeschooler?
June 30, 2020

If you've heard of Montessori but you don't know many of the details of this learning approach, you're in for a treat. Today, my guest Larry Shiller and I will discuss the advantages of Montessori's approach so you can determine if it's a good fit for ...

Why You Should Study Geology In Your Homeschool
June 23, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! - Do you get excited about geology? If not, I think you will be after listening to this episode. Geology is not just science but theology as well. - My guest today is Patrick Nurre. After years of field study,

How To Help A Struggling Reader
June 16, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! - We know that reading is the key to unlocking knowledge. When our child is struggling to read as mine once did, we get worried. - My guest today, Jan Harmsworth, is going to help us relax.

How To Teach High School Literature With Janice Campbell
June 09, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! - Few things make homeschoolers as anxious as teaching high school. If you weren't someone who could easily chat about literary themes and symbolism or you didn't pay that much attention in lit class,

How To Incorporate Hands-On Learning
May 26, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! - I had three boys when I began homeschooling. I knew instinctively that the more hands-on my teaching was, the more engaged they would be. All of my kids loved hands-on lessons and I highly commend it.

How To Help Kids Develop Character
May 19, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! - One of the top concerns we have as homeschooling parents is raising children of character. It isn't enough to just raise smart children. We want our children to evidence the fruit of the spirit.

How To Help Kids Handle The Hard Times In History
May 12, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! - There's no question that the pandemic can make our kids anxious, even as we try to navigate these uncertain times ourselves. But current events aren't the only times that may be unsettling for children.

Homeschooling with a Broken Spirit
May 05, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! - Homeschooling during a pandemic can certainly be a challenge. For some of us, it leads to a broken spirit. I've certainly had my days! But I experienced an even greater challenge in the days following a miscarriage.

Why You’re Still an Angry Parent and What to Do About It
April 28, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! The episodes and the talks I have done on anger have been some of the most popular and with good reason. Having a problem with anger is very discouraging to us as Christian parents. I know that from experience! -

The Best Audiobooks For Kids And Families Now
April 21, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! I recently spoke about how valuable audiobooks are in homeschooling.  But I’m excited about my guest today, who will help us identify the best audiobooks to listen to now that we are sheltering in. Of course,