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Helping Children Who Feel Different
June 11, 2024

Hey, homeschoolers! I am excited about today's episode, not only because of the topic that I think addresses a real need we have as parents, but also about my guest. - I experienced the pain of feelin

How To Have A Better Homeschool Year
June 04, 2024

Watch on YouTube Summary - In this conversation, Melanie Wilson shares a life-changing strategy for homeschoolers to have a better homeschool year. She introduces the 'What's Better' strategy and expl

Protecting Kids From Explicit Material
May 21, 2024

Hey, homeschoolers! This is one of the topics I have been asked to talk about over the years but I've frankly avoided. Not only can it cause problems with website and social media platforms that flag

Special Replay: How to End Your Homeschool Year on a High
May 07, 2024

If you feel like your homeschool year is fizzling out, you'll appreciate these tips for ending well. - LISTEN ON ITUNES LINKS - Instagramat Psychowith6 - Rochelle Bar

Helping Daughters Deal With Comparison
April 23, 2024

Hey, homeschoolers! If you have a teen daughter, I think this episode is a must-listen. I interview Shannon Popkin and Lee Niehuis, authors of Comparison Girl for Teens, and I havent been able to sto

Robotics in Your Homeschool
April 16, 2024

Hey, homeschoolers! Have you considered learning robotics in your homeschool? I dont have an engineering brain so I enrolled my kids in in-person and online classes. My youngest is now majoring in co

Teaching Social Skills In Your Homeschool
April 02, 2024

Hey, homeschoolers, we know we aren't weird and unsocialized as a popular blog implies, but you might wonder if we are weirder than kids in public school. I was relieved when my oldest son, after havi

How To Help Your Child Manage Emotions
March 26, 2024

Hey, homeschoolers! How to help an anxious, frustrated, or bored child is the most common question I get. In this episode, I'll share a three-step approach you can use to help your child manage any ne

Special Replay: 3 Reasons To Attend A Homeschool Conference In Person This Year
March 19, 2024

Hey, homeschoolers! If you've ever considered attending a homeschool conference, this is the year to do it. If you've attended in the past, I have three reasons you should attend again. - In short, yo

What Will You Teach Your Kids About Human Evolution?
March 12, 2024

Hey, homeschoolers! I had the opportunity to talk with my good friend, Dr. Carl Werner, for this episode. He is an expert in evolution who has devoted decades of his life to examining the evidence for