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Winning Your Homeschool Week
August 09, 2022

When Friday comes, do you feel like you’ve won your homeschool week and can celebrate? Or are you thinking about all the things you didn’t do well? In this episode, I’ll share tips for winning your ho

How To Help A Child Break A Bad Habit
August 02, 2022

Does your child have a bad habit? If so, you want to help them. For example, a dad at The Great Homeschool Convention approached me for help in getting his four-year-old daughter to stop sucking her t

What To Do When You And Your Spouse Disagree About Discipline
July 26, 2022

Do you and your spouse disagree on discipline? If so, you’re normal, but your homeschool happiness is at risk. - A sweet couple came to my booth at the Great Homeschool Convention and asked me what to

Self-Publishing For Homeschoolers
July 19, 2022

At a recent Great Homeschool Convention, a mom asked me for the best way to have her son’s books published. This is the best time in history to become a published author. That’s because you no longer

How to Develop Kids’ Work Ethic with Jordan Raynor
July 12, 2022

What is your child’s attitude about work? Not great? This is The Homeschool Sanity Show, the episode where we discuss the truth that can make all the difference in their attitude about work and ours.

Special Replay: How To Pray Powerfully Over Your Homeschool
June 28, 2022

Hey homeschoolers! - If you listened to last week's podcast about getting things done in your homeschool, you'll understand my focus on prayer this week. I recommend you listen to it first. - We tend

Special Replay: How to Help Your Homeschooler Transition to Middle and High School
June 21, 2022

Hey homeschoolers! - The homeschooling parents I talk with are most likely to get panicky when the middle and high school years aren't far off. My discussion today will put your minds at ease. Let's C

Your Homeschool Finances With Scott LaPierre
May 31, 2022

Hey, homeschoolers! We are living in a time of financial uncertainty, that's for sure. That's why I appreciate the biblical wisdom I got from my discussion with Scott LaPierre. You may remember him fr

How To Focus On The Things That Matter With Joshua Becker
May 17, 2022

Hey, homeschoolers! Last week I shared my discussion with Dana White about decluttering. This week I am sharing my interview with Joshua Becker, who is known for his writing on minimalism. He recently

Decluttering For Homeschoolers With A Slob Comes Clean
May 10, 2022

Hey, homeschoolers! Do you have too much clutter? Too many craft supplies? Too much stuff for science? Whatever you have too much of, I have help for you. - Now to introduce my guest for this episode-