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The Homeschool Sanity Show

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Your Child’s Writing
October 20, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! - After reading, I've found that homeschooling parents are most concerned about their children's writing ability. I understand that. As a writer and homeschool mom, I wanted my children to be excellent writers.

How to Overcome Homeschool Distractions
October 13, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! One of the biggest challenges we face in homeschooling and life is distraction. There are many obstacles in the path to focusing on what really matters. And ignoring them is quite a challenge. But it's possible!

What Every Homeschooler Needs To Know About Science
October 06, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! - Science has been in the news a lot lately. And misunderstanding about science has me taking action this week. You may not know that my education and even my training as a psychologist centered much more on doing and analyzing...

How to Use Personality to Overcome Procrastination In Your Homeschool
September 22, 2020

Hey homeschoolers! - Perfectionism is an obstacle to getting more done and certainly to enjoying your homeschooling. In today's episode, I will discuss how understanding your own and your kids' personality can help you get past perfectionism a...

How To Create Margin In Your Homeschool
September 15, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! I have learned a lot in this busy season. Homeschooling is more popular than ever. That means that business has been booming for me. That's a good thing! But it has presented me with new time management challenges.

More Homeschool Curriculum Sanity
September 08, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! - Last time I shared how you can find curriulum for homeschool sanity. This week, I have an amazing resource for you. I interview Heather Bowen of - Before I share the interview,

How To Choose Curriculum For Homeschool Sanity
August 25, 2020

Hey homeschoolers! - Few things cause homeschoolers as much anxiety as choosing curriculum. I understand that. Curriculum can cost us a lot of time and money, and it can be frightening to make the wrong choice. -

How To Keep Relationships The Focus Of Your Homeschool
August 18, 2020

Hey homeschoolers! - As beginning homeschoolers, we tend to be way more focused on our homeschool space and curriculum then we are on relationships. But just as engaged couples should be focused more on the marriage then the wedding,

How To Establish And Defend Time Boundaries In Your Homeschool
August 11, 2020

Hey homeschoolers! - When you've made the decision to homeschool, one of the next important steps to take is to define and defend time boundaries in your homeschooling life. In this episode I will share what time boundaries are, how to protect them,

6 Reasons You Should Homeschool This Year
August 05, 2020

Hey, homeschoolers! - I don't believe there has been a better time to homeschool than now. In the face of a pandemic and political unrest, there are new reasons to homeschool your children this year. As a psychologist and a homeschooling mother of six...