The Homefulness Podcast

The Homefulness Podcast

Episode 5: Operationalizing Homefulness - Creating a Culture of Neighbourliness

November 08, 2021

At a neighbourhood meeting, local churches are asked what they're doing about increasing homelessness in their neighbourhood. The short answer: not much.

That provocative question got members of Vancouver's Grandview Church thinking—and acting—in response to the needs in the community surrounding their church building. Years later, after a variety of experiments in housing and economic development, Co:Here was born.

In this episode we hear from Jeanette Moss, Director of Strategy and Development for the Salsbury Community Society. A lot has happened to transform a former church parking lot into a brave community space.

Jeanette takes us on an inspirational journey, and challenges faith communities everywhere to engage in coordinated responses to the needs around us.

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