Welcome to The Home Based Travel Agent Show

Welcome to The Home Based Travel Agent Show

431 – Creating Loyal Clients with Seth LaPierre

October 31, 2021

Show Notes

First of all, what is customer loyalty? A loyal customer is someone who engages with you and becomes your advocate. This is someone who is going to refer you to their family, friends, and everyone they talk to about travel. Creating a loyal client depends on three things: value, relevance, and experience. This is what Seth LaPierre calls the three-legged stool and remove one leg of this stool and your customers may seek another travel advisor. Focusing on each leg of this stool over the course of your business will create big rewards. Seth advises to pick one leg of the stool and spend a week, or a month, and focus on this in your business. 
A part of creating a great customer experience is to show gratitude to your clients. By showing them that you are honored to have them as a client you are creating an emotional bond between you and your client. This emotional bond is a key factor in creating a loyal customer. Think of how you create emotional bonds with your friends, with your family members. One way you do this is by showing your appreciation by helping them with tasks or by giving them gifts. This sends the message, “you are important to me, here let me help you with that,” or “I want you to have this gift because you are important to me.” 
Seth and I go into more detail in this podcast about how you can create, or maybe better said, how you can earn loyal clients. And a part of this is that Seth is sharing his knowledge with you in exchange for asking you to take a look at his product. Seth’s product is a gift that you can give to your clients that will enhance the emotional connection between you and your client plus Seth’s product, the SipnClip is a very practical product that will bring your business to mind every time your client travels. Seth’s SipnClip solves the problem I know we’ve all had when boarding a plane and trying to juggle our cup of coffee while struggling to stuff our carry-on bag into the overhead bin. Give this product to your clients before they travel and they will love you for that. 
Seth has created a promo code that you can use to receive 20% off your order of the SipnClip. The code is “thankyoubarry.” Seth’s website is in pre-launch until mid-November of 2021 so use the promo code as a password to enter the site at gosipnclip.com and then use the code when you order the SipnClip. The code is valid for 60 days beginning at the time of the official launch of his website.


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