Welcome to The Home Based Travel Agent Show

Welcome to The Home Based Travel Agent Show

427 – Easily Create a Tour and Expand Your Business

July 30, 2021


Tours are a great way to expand your business income and at the same time expand your client base of FIT travelers. When you book a tour, whether with five people or fifty people, and you create an excellent experience for the people on your tour, you are influencing those five or fifty people to continue a relationship with your business.
However, creating a tour has a few more challenges than booking a FIT vacation. Keeping track of the capacity of your tour, the number of people booking and canceling, working with vendors, and who has paid and who hasn’t paid can challenge the most experienced spreadsheet user. Our guests in this month’s show are offering a service to remove the complexities of creating tours. If you have hesitated in creating a tour because of those challenges then your worries are over. You can now take advantage of the profitable tour business and bring in those new clients to your agency simply by listening to this podcast and taking advantage of the special offers.
During the month of August 2021, Group Travel Odyssey is offering the first month free to travel agents. If you are not a travel agent but a group planner then you will get $20.00 off the setup fee reducing it to just $39.00. Email Kevin Cabe at kevin@gtonetwork.com and mention the promo code GEHomebased1 in your email and Kevin will get you set up.




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