Welcome to The Home Based Travel Agent Show

Welcome to The Home Based Travel Agent Show

367 – Fathom a Cruise That Gives Your Clients an Opportunity to Make A Difference - Welcome to The Home Based Travel Agent Show

April 30, 2016

Podcast Number 367


 Fathom is a new Carnival brand offering your clients all the amenities of a normal cruise but in addition offers an opportunity to either experience a new culture or make a difference in the lives of struggling people. A Fathom cruise to the Dominican Republic will give your clients the opportunity to make a difference by helping the Dominican people to have clean water or your clients can choose to work with Dominican children to learn English. Or your clients can choose a Fathom Cruise to Cuba for a cultural exchange. This cruise circumnavigates the island of Cuba stopping at three ports where your clients will immerse themselves in the Cuban culture.
Jason Maltais joins Lorene and Barry in this episode to explain the benefits of a Fathom Cruise and how you can become a Fathom Cruise agent.


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Fathom.org – contact Jason Maltais at jason@fathom.org


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