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Ep. 109 The Ghost of Mae West & Montgomery Clift | Hollywood Ghosts
May 01, 2023

In today's episode, we talk about two gentlemen who have had some interesting encounters with Hollywood's famous except that their encounters were more of the supernatural kind. Join us as we talk ab

Ep. 108 Gourmet Ghosts ! Getting Hollyweird with Haunted True Crime writer James T. Bartlett
April 10, 2023

Originally from London, James T. Bartlett has been living in Los Angeles since 2004. - In 2012 he publishedGourmet Ghosts - Los Angeles,an alternative guide to the history and ghost stories behind s

Ep.107 East West Players Theatre Paranormal Investigation PT.2 | Little Tokyo Los Angeles
March 21, 2023

Continuing with our investigation at the East West Players Theatre in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. What did the spirits of this theater have in store for us? What did they have to say? Well, you must

Ep. 106 A Haunting at the East West Players Theatre Los Angeles | Interview & Investigation
February 28, 2023

East West Players is an Asian American theatre organization in Los Angeles, founded in 1965. As the nation's first professional Asian American theatre organization, East West Players continues to prod

Ep. 105 Getting Hollyweird with The Haunted Homies Podcast | Elton & Corey of The Overnight
February 13, 2023

On today's episode, we sit down with the duo, Elton and Corey, from the popular YouTube Channel, The Overnight. The OVERNIGHT is the newest channel from your friends at TFIL! After 5 years of creating

Ep. 104 Pt. Return to the Most Haunted Mall in Los Angeles with Special Guest | Tim Roddy
February 06, 2023

Hey, all of you Hollyweirdos!!! We are back to go shopping for some good sales and haunts at the Beverly Center Mall with our special guest and new podern friend, Tim Roddy of the Tim Roddy podcast!

Ep.103 The Most Haunted Mall in L.A. with Tim Roddy Pt. 1
January 16, 2023

What is haunting one of L.A.'s most popular malls? Well, our friend Tim Roddy of the Tim Roddy Podcast will help tell the story through research and first-hand accounts of what he and his co-workers

Ep. 102 Haunted History Tour of Paramount Studios & Archives with Paramount Archivist & TikToker Javier of Californiography
January 08, 2023

Hey, all you Hollyweirdos! Let's take a tour with our friend, Paramount Archivist & Tiktoker Javier of Californiography. Hop on the Paramount's golf cart with us as we take a studio back lot tour of

Ep. 101 Hollyweird Paranormal X Real Hauntings Podcast | Joint Episode
January 02, 2023

Join us for a collab interview with Noah of the Real Hauntings Podcast! We talk about our paranormal experiences, ghosts and so much more :D

Ep. 100 Hollyweird Paranormal 100th Episode Anniversary | Special Guest Patti Negri
December 12, 2022

1ooth Episode Special! We can't believe we made it to 100 episodes! We needed to celebrate this occasion with our special guest and friend, Hollywood's witch, Patti Negri! - Patti Negri, Psychic-Med