Latest Episodes

Hoffcast #123: Best Fast Food Burger
February 21, 2024

Buckle up, this week of the Hoffcast is likely to make you angry, and hungry as Nick and Sarah decide the top fast food options of all time. They also discuss the feature film "Innerspace" and the Su

Hoffcast #122: Societal Norms!
February 09, 2024

Sarah Hoff is back on the pod this week as they talk about the Grammy's, eating your own placenta, and Fantasy Nick. - come see Nick on tour: www.nickhoff.com

Hoffcast #121: Dry January
January 31, 2024

The ol' Ball & Chain joins Nick on the pod to jumpstart the year as they gripe about Dry January, living in a gated community, and saying something that pisses people off. - Tour Dates: www.NickHoff.c

Hoffcast #120: No Self Awareness
October 28, 2023

This episode goes straight into the world of a ridiculous heckler in Boise, the need for a woman's touch when camping, and a questionable piece of meat. Doom Doom Bip! - See Nick live: www.NickHoff.c

Hoffcast #119: Empty Scrote
September 08, 2023

Well well well. Mrs. Hoff joins Nick on the pod this week, and she comes out swinging like a foul-mouthed sailor. Buckle up kids, cause this one runs from 1800's freak shows to running over bags of

Hoffcast: #118: You Can’t Own a Wild Cat!
August 23, 2023

In this episode, Nick recounts an insane woman who runs an animal preserve in New Jersey, takes in a Columbian 4th of July and has a late night in NYC. Doom Doom Bip - get tickets to see Nick live: w

Hoffcast #117: Capitalist Pigs
August 13, 2023

Welcome back! This episode of the Hoffcast follows Nick on the first leg of his Summer tour. Nick and his family hit the South, and he's got some beef with opportunist companies in the middle of now

Hoffcast #116: Rain Delay
April 25, 2023

This week's Hoffcast is one for the books, as Nick recounts what it's like being an entertainer on a cruise ship, feeling bad after taking down a heckler, and quite possibly the most "California" thin

Hoffcast #115: Baggage
March 12, 2023

THE BIG TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT is here! Nick lays out his plan to take over the USA in 2023, but it comes with some baggage issues. - TOUR TICKETS: NickHoff.com

Hoffcast #114: Run, Run, Rudolph
February 11, 2023

The pod is back after a brief hiatus to share the ultimate airport hack for people who are running late. - - Come see Nick live! - Tour Dates: www.nickhoff.com