Hiyaa Martial Arts Podcast

Hiyaa Martial Arts Podcast

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Episode 54 - Discussion on Stances
August 29, 2014

Stances, listener feedback, self defense seminar, and more!

Episode 53 - From Technique to Principle
August 08, 2014

This episode Dave is rejoined by co-hosts Craig and Aaron for a lively discussion on how to get from technique to principle. It's something we've dropped bits of here and there before, but we thought it would be fun (and possibly even useful) to break it

Episode 52 - Public Sparring Groups, What is Internal?
July 06, 2014

Well, it's been a while. All the usual reasons, blah, blah, blah. This episode was recorded back in April, sorry for the lag. Please watch for an update in the feed discussing the state of the podcast and some possible changes to make doing it less onerou

Episode 51 - Interview with Rory Miller
April 13, 2014

After work effectively snafu'd the podcast for a month we come roaring back with Rory Miller, author of such books as Meditations on Violence and Facing Violence. Then the Martial Brain segment helps us make the most out of seminars. Capping of the show w

Episode 50 - Beating and Nothingness
February 27, 2014

We made it! 50 of these bad boys! This is a doozy, starting with Dave and Big Al chewing over video taping and sharing practice tapes, then at about 32 minutes in we get serious. Damon Young, martial artist and professional Philosopher comes on to discus

Episode 49 - Interview with Jaredd Wilson
February 14, 2014

This episode we get to chat with Akido practitioner and podcast host (Martial Thoughts) about everything from O-Sensei to Skunk Apes. Also, Some info on what happens when your liver gets whacked and a new segment of the Martial Brain. Please check out th

Episode 48 - Power vs. Precision
January 26, 2014

Welcome back Hiyaa-hoos! Craig returns from his mysterious journey and drops in to talk about the knockout game, power vs. precision, news, upcoming films, and more. Thaïs also commandeers a mike and joins the fun. Make sure you catch the new Martial Bra

Episode 47 - Artsy Fightsy?
January 15, 2014

Well, the boys are back in town indeed... Join Dave, Bruce Reiter, and Allen Pittman as we dive into the question "why not just teach the applications and ditch all that bothersome art?" We also talk about the passing of Run Run Shaw at the ripe old age o

Episode 46 - Champagne Musings
December 31, 2013

Pile on in to the Champagne Lounge to celebrate our return from near pod-death! The show has finally resurrected and this is a loose but fun reward for all the patience displayed by our lovely listeners over the last 3 months. Join us for a Combat Sports

Episode 45 - Interview with Bey Logan
September 05, 2013

Welcome to Episode 45, dear listener! In this show we first do some housekeeping—sponsorships are now available for those who are interested—but then quickly get down to business with our interview. We had the pleasure of speaking with Bey Logan, mart