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Doing Medieval Warfare in 2020?
June 19, 2020

This week Caleb searches for an image of a gator staring down a cop car, and we all take a look at how the good people of our respective hometowns have adjusted (or not adjusted) to daily life in a pandemic. Also, China and India might have done medieval

Uncharted, But With a Rat
June 12, 2020

Episode 53: We crank out a jam-packed episode as we move deep into the cool zone - Caleb is out protesting and joins us at the halfway mark. Before that we reflect on rapid changes, from cancelling cops to cancelling COPS, and the cool and good new push t

A Completely New Game
June 04, 2020

Episode 52: Patch Notes 20.6.1 Changes to survival mode "Martial Law" Peaceful citizens now considered enemies Removed the NPC label “press” that protected media, and Reverted a change from update 1.1 protecting the freedom of speech Added new ob

A Real Bummer of an Episode
May 29, 2020

Episode 51: If you scream on a roller coaster, do your germs just shoot backwards to whoever's behind you? Did elderly man and inexplicable presidential candidate Joe Biden fart on camera, and does that mean he's not racist? And where in Middle Earth is t

It's All About The Masks
May 22, 2020

Episode 50: Cloth masks, animatronic rat masks, Bionicle masks, it's mask shit only this week. You ever just post a video of yourself getting owned for not wearing a mask? We love this, and hope to see more videos like the Costco one because seeing empowe

The Dumb Guys
May 15, 2020

Episode 49: We define the word apotheosis to tell you about a real gamer moment, a true series of events that couldn't have written better by any accomplished author, something so mindbogglingly stupid we had to dedicate our entire Patch Notes segment to

Archive: Race in The Elder Scrolls / Climate Change
May 08, 2020

Episode 48: No new episode this week as we have become inundated with tasks, but for your listening enjoyment we have retrieved some classic Hitpoint Pals conversations for you. A rebroadcast of our conversation on Race in The Elder Scrolls from HPP 15, a

Memento Mori
May 01, 2020

Episode 47: We reflect on owning a small business tyrant so hard he deleted his account, and that one time the state of Hawaii was told they were about to be nuked off the face of the planet. Cam reminds us how much the government hates poor people, and T

The Mayor of New Vegas
April 24, 2020

Episode 46: Deranged folks gather in the streets, spreading disease and screaming about how their state governors are nazis. We examine these developments in our respective cities, from Eastern Washington and Portland, to Las Vegas, where the mayor offers

The Empire of Long Chile
April 17, 2020

Episode 45: Somebody used After Effects to animate a fancy timeline for Donald Trump's weird Prezi-like video, a Balkanized United States conjures visions of the Long Chilean Empire, and who the fuck knows how to feel about November??? Travis can't stop t