HIT Breakdown

HIT Breakdown

HIT Breakdown 41 - Rise in telehealth sessions alone won't create great patient experiences

May 01, 2020

Given the COVID-19 crisis, many organizations have been abruptly pulled into the world of telehealth and the broader world of virtual care before they were fully prepared. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? You may recall go-lives and how you needed to “just get it live” and worry about optimizing later. This is even more true right now with telehealth. There are many opportunities to optimize and fully harness the power of virtual care. It’s so much more than just the technology that enables the encounter.

To explain how we might finish what we started with virtual care, we sat down with Dr. Laura Copeland, who is both chief medical information officer at Healthtech Consultants (a Nordic subsidiary) and a practicing physician. We talked about how her private practice has changed and what changes she still sees necessary to make virtual care truly deliver on its promise.

Enjoy the conversation and if you have questions, remember to write us at AskNordic@nordicwi.com or AskHealthtech@healthtech.ca if you are in Canada. Thanks for listening!