Audibly Speaking: Listening to History

Audibly Speaking: Listening to History

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The Landis Claim: Paul Landis and the New “Magic Bullet” Myth in the JFK Assassination
September 14, 2023

In advance of the publication of Paul Landiss new book on his memory as a Secret Service agent in the JFK detail on November 22, 1963, Landis has made a claim that has roiled the class of people inte

For Constitution Day 2023: An Abridged Audio Narration of the National Archives’ Public Domain Document, “Putting the Bill of Rights to the Test”
September 10, 2023

This is Dr. Rick Reiman, professor of History at South Georgia State College. Here I narrate sections from the National Archives public domain publication, Putting the Bill of Rights to the Test.

Observations on Christopher Nolan’s Film, “Oppenheimer:” Was Oppenheimer Autistic, and Other Questions?
September 02, 2023

Here is my review of the blockbuster movie by Christopher Nolan, Oppenheimer. It is a tour de force for so many reasons, but gaps in Oppenheimers biography still remains, as I try to show in this

The Georgia Indictment Against Donald Trump: An Abridged Audio Narration of the Indictment by D.A. Fani Willis, Fulton County, Georgia
September 01, 2023

The Georgia Indictment against Donald J. Trump may be the first indictment against Trump to go to trial. It also may be the only trial of Trump to be televised, and televised live. Unabridged audio n

Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Saving of the Democratic Way of Life: Fireside Chat of December 1940
August 23, 2023

In 1940, American democracy was gravely threatened as never before, and only the American people stood against it as a reliable line of defense. Could we say the same today if American democracy were

New! Audio Narration of the Sherlock Holmes Short Story, “The Resident Patient,” by Arthur Conan Doyle
July 22, 2023

A Russian Count and his mysterious son make an appointment with a doctor to examine the Count for catalepsy. Catalepsy being the doctors speciality, it makes sense. But the resident patient who liv

NEW! An Audio Narration of Conan Doyle’s “The Stockbroker’s Clerk,” a Sherlock Holmes Short Story
July 09, 2023

Your audio narrator, Rick Reiman, takes you from London to the English Midlands, as we journey with Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and the stockbrokers clerk, in quest of the solution to a mystery and

Reflection on “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” and the Raiders of Memory in our MAGA Moment
July 03, 2023

Movies may entertain us, but they also reflect our innermost thoughts and feelings in the time in which we make and watch them. Here I, a Professor of History, reflect on how the themes in the new mov

NEW!! “The United States versus Donald J. Trump,” Federal Indictment of the Department of Justice, on Audio
June 12, 2023

I narrate the watershed indictment, the first federal prosecution of a former President of the United States in American history. Every American should read this document to understand and appreciate

NEW! Rick Reiman Narrates the Sherlock Holmes Story, “The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax,” by Arthur Conan Doyle
June 03, 2023

The odyssey is almost complete: Virtually the entire canon of Sherlock Holmes stories by Conan Doyle have now been recorded, available free to the public, by the work and from the voice of audio narra