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The Soviet Who Saved the World (w/ The Eastern Border)
April 29, 2024

In this special conversational episode of History Impossible, we’re joined again by friend of the show and friend of mine, Kristaps Andrejsons of The Eastern Border podcast (which will also host this

Oppenheimer and the Nuclear Question
March 30, 2024

Hey all, I hope youre doing well.I have for all of you the audio adaptation of https://historyimpossible.substack.com/p/oppenheimer-and-the-nuclear-question in response to my seeing the magisterial

Closing the Holocaust Knowledge Gap
March 07, 2024

Hey everyone. The following is an ad-free bonus audio essay that follows up on the recent conversation I had with the History Underground's J.D. Huitt, where I make some corrections and then provide s

The Holocaust Knowledge Gap w/ The History Underground
February 23, 2024

In this newest special installment of History Impossible, were joined by long-time friend of the podcast and friend of mine, J.D. Huitt, the man behind the incredible https://www.youtube.com/@TheHist

The Perfect Tie: The Election of 1876 (w/ Richard Lim of This American President)
February 05, 2024

I scarcely ever passed a week under such depression of spirits. [] It is terrible to see the extent to which all classes go in their determination to win. Conscience offers no restraint; nothing is

The Bosnian Dream
December 30, 2023

Sometimes, the best way to understand everything a people have gone through is to understand a dream.This is how many nations frame themselves and their own origins. No matter the context, there is

Pogroms and Students
November 24, 2023

Hey everybody. Now that Ive finished up the notes and script for the conclusion of the Balkan Inferno trilogy (which will lead us right back into the thick of the Muslim Nazis series), Im hard a

The Greatest Blunder in Palestinian History w/ Oren Kessler
November 07, 2023

The recent https://historyimpossible.substack.com/p/israel-gaza-and-three-root-causes and https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/israel-gaza-and-three-root-causes/id1450885141?i=1000633190895 of Histor

Israel, Gaza, and Three Root Causes
October 31, 2023

When you talk about history for a living, the contemporary world often has opportunities to make your knowledge more relevant. What knowledge actually possessed here about Israel and Palestine is like

Affirmative Action and the Making of a Token
October 10, 2023

This is a bonus episode (a bit bigger than one might expect) that adapts and, more importantly expands, an essay I wrote for my friend and editor Jamie on his https://americandreaming.substack.com/p/a