History on the Table

History on the Table

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Episode 59: Revolution Goes HotT
May 17, 2024

Episode 59: Revolution Goes HotT Intro HistoriKC Fest – August 15-18, 2024 Charles S. Roberts Awards Every Series Ever Results Games on the Table Books on the Shelf  HotT Blooded  Featured Games NATO

Episode 58: Norman Fury
April 05, 2024

Episode 58:Norman FuryIntroHistoriKC Fest August 15-18, 2024Games on the Table 03:00Virgin QueenOperation Mercury: The Invasion of CreteBooks on the Shelf08:15Crete 1941: The Battle and the

Episode 57: A New Dawn
March 12, 2024

Episode 57:A New DawnIntroHistoriKC Fest August 15-18, 2024Games on the TableHotT BloodedRepublic of Rome 20:00Downfall: Conquest of the Third Reich, 1942-1945 1:37:30History Off the Ta

Episode 56: My Kingdom For a Cart
February 06, 2024

Episode 56: My Kingdom For a CartIntroHistoriKC Fest August 15-18, 2024Discord Does the EWEGames on the Table 03:25DownfallVelikiye Luki: Stalingrad of the NorthKhe Sanh `68Table BattlesWat

Episode 55: Best of 2023
January 09, 2024

IntroNew T-Shirt Store and T-Shirt DesignNumber 6Biggest Surprise of the YearNumber 5Biggest Disappointment of the YearNumber 4Publisher of the YearNumber 3What was our favorite gaming memory

Episode 54: Top 20 Games of All Time: Part Deux
December 10, 2023

Episode 54: Top 20 Games of All Time: Part DeuxIntroNew T-Shirt Store and T-Shirt DesignHistoriKC Fest 2024Games on the Table 05:00Empire of the SunAlgeriaStar Wars: LegionSeas of ThunderPlan

Episode 53: Anatomically Correct Sails
October 30, 2023

Episode 53: Anatomically Correct SailsNew T-Shirt Store and T-Shirt DesignIntroTop 20 Games of All TimeEvery Series EverGames on the Table 05:30Here I StandValley of Tears: The Yom Kippur War,

Episode 52: Where Is Richmond?
October 12, 2023

Episode 52: Where Is Richmond?IntroGames on the TableDien Bien PhuKill TeamNext War TournamentHotT BloodedFeatured Game: On To Richmond IIDiscussing the GameRecommended ReadingEvery Wargame

Deserted Island Dice: Bill Simoni
September 23, 2023

Bill Simoni washed ashore with 5 games and conversation.Intro and Outro Music is Jungle Village by Der Plan and licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.Discord:https://discord.gg/2wz8sds

Episode 51: HistoriKC Beginnings
August 27, 2023

Apologies in advance for no show notes but this episode is primarily focused on what we played and enjoyed at HistoriKC Fest 2023.We split the episode by talking about the war/historical games played