Historically Thinking

Historically Thinking

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Episode 246: The Rule of Laws
February 03, 2022

For thousands of years, laws have not only been used to impose order by the powerful on the powerless. In the very process of their codification they often became instruments of control by the powerle

Episode 245: Queens of Jerusalem
January 31, 2022

For nearly a century after the First Crusade captured Jerusalem, that ancient city became the nucleus of a several kingdoms and principalities established by the crusaders.  At the political, social,

Episode 244: Hitler’s First One Hundred Days
January 27, 2022

On January 30, 1933, German President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler as the Chancellor of Germany. Occurring simultaneously with Franklin Roosevelt's "One Hundred Days", Hitler's first one

Episode 243: The Story Paradox
January 24, 2022

Storytelling, writes my guest Jonathan Gottschall, is the way in which people have for thousands of years not only bound themselves together into communities, but the art which built civilization. But

Behind the Book: Down the Road to the Cedars
January 20, 2022

This is the first in a new series of podcasts. Long time listeners will remember that when my book Daniel Morgan: A Revolutionary Life was published, I did a number of podcasts with experts delving in

Episode 242: Was Abraham Lincoln a Racist?
January 17, 2022

In a eulogy to Abraham Lincoln delivered on June 1, 1865, Frederick Douglass posed the question “what was Lincoln to the colored people or they to him?” His answer was that Lincoln was “emphatically t

Episode 238: Generations of Reason
January 13, 2022

In February, 1853, Augustus De Morgan, Professor of Mathematics at University College London, drew the last of a series of diagrams illustrating logical syllogisms. A the center of this one was a face

Episode 241: Doing the Research
January 10, 2022

So what does research mean to you? Does it mean looking for someone somewhere on the internet who agrees with you? - Then you should really listen to this podcast. - This is another of our continuing

Episode 240: Empire and Jihad
January 03, 2022

In 1914, at the start of the Great War, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire called for a “Great Jihad” against France, Russia, and Great Britain. It was a logical conclusion to over fity years of conflic

Episode 239: The Chicken and the Egg, or, What Keeps (Some) Historians Awake at Night
December 27, 2021

This is one of the last in our year-long series about the skills of historical thinking, and today our focus is on one of simplest, but perhaps also the most contentious. It is Change and Causality. D