Historical Fiction: Unpacked

Historical Fiction: Unpacked

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Fiction Brings the Past to Life—with Scott Gates
June 16, 2022

Today I'm sharing a conversation I had with Scott Gates, whose latest novel, Gone, the Redeemer, just released June 15, 2022. We discuss the difficult task of acquiring an agent, how historical facts

Learning From Those Who’ve Gone Before Us—with Rachel Fordham
June 09, 2022

Today's episode is a conversation with Rachel Fordham. Her latest novel, Where the Road Bends, released Tuesday, June 7. We discuss the lessons apparent in this book, what it's like to write contempor

The Importance of Knowing History—with James A. Ross
June 02, 2022

Today's episode is a unique and fascinating one! Jim and I discuss his historical novel, Hunting Teddy Roosevelt, about an attempt on Roosevelt's life orchestrated by J.P. Morgan. Jim had a lot to say

Learning a Better Way Forward—with Amanda Cox
May 26, 2022

Today I'm sharing a conversation with Amanda Cox. We discuss her latest book, The Secret Keepers of Old Depot Grocery and how this novel brought out the dynamic between mothers and daughters. We also

Mystery and Intrigue Set in the Victorian Ballet—with Joanna Davidson Politano
May 19, 2022

  - Today's episode is a long-overdue chat with Joanna Politano about her book A Midnight Dance. We discuss how Joanna comes up with the intricate mysteries in her books, what was going on in France d

Illuminating Women in History—with Karin Tanabe
May 12, 2022

Karin Tanabe and I talked about her book, A Woman of Intelligence, which released last summer. In this episode, Karin shares that she wanted to write about the difficult aspects of motherhood. We also

Shining a Light on Historical Events—with Milree Latimer
May 05, 2022

Milree Latimer is a Canadian expat from Ontario who currently lives in central Oregon. On today's show, we talk about her latest book, Out of Place, which released last year. We discuss Irish Home Chi

Mental Health Awareness—with Janyre Tromp
May 03, 2022

Today's episode is a BONUS episode! I talked with debut author Janyre Tromp about her novel Shadows in the Mind's Eye. This book deals with combat PTSD after the Second World War, and Janyre is a foun

The Healing Power of Nature—with Ann H. Gabhart
April 28, 2022

Like last week's episode, this episode focuses on nature. Ann H. Gabhart was a delight to speak with. Her sweet southern accent soothes the soul. Our discussion ranged from ravens delivering gifts to

God Speaks Through Nature—with Regina Scott
April 21, 2022

Regina Scott is the author of more than 50 works of warm, witty historical romance. A lover of history, she has driven four-in-hand, sailed on a tall ship, and learned to fence. In today's conversatio