Hindsight is Horrifying

Hindsight is Horrifying

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Animaniacs - Podcast 0121
August 16, 2019

Animaniacs! Hellllooooooo, NURSE!It’s a momentous episode, listeners, because @Darth_Jader_ and Jason Mitchell welcome their first male guest who isn’t named Adam! But that makes us sound cooler than we are, because this guest is also

It! (1990) Part Two – Podcast 0120
August 08, 2019

IT, PART TWO! We All Float Down Here, Georgie!Between the Mothman and Pennywise, @Darth_Jader_ and @northfoggy are amazed that anyone still showers. Nonetheless, join us as Young Adam (amongst our flourishing Adam collection)

It! (1990) Part One – Podcast 0119
July 29, 2019

Beep Beep, Richie!This week in It, we find that Tim Curry is the Robin Williams of the horror genre. Regardless, Jim Carrey still has him beat when it comes to prosthetic teeth.Welcome to the first ever two-part episode of Hindsight is Horr

Mrs. Doubtfire - Episode 0118
July 07, 2019

So, on this episode, JASON SCREWED SOMETHING UP. The long and short of it is that Jason managed to “accidentally” lose the first few minutes of this episode. For his ineptitude, we do apologize. If you want to eviscerate him, feel free to troll him on Twi

Lethal Weapon - Episode 0117
June 07, 2019

I'm too old for this sh*t

Clueless - Episode 0116
June 03, 2019

As IF!

Much Ado About Nothing - Episode 0115
May 17, 2019

You listeners are getting lucky tonight, because there’s no actual death or rape in Much Ado About Nothing!We’re changing it up and going Inside the Actors Studio in this very special episode to discuss our upcoming play in Alpharetta. Join

Death Race 2000 - Episode 0114
May 07, 2019

Death Race 2000: Try Not to Think About Auto Erotic Asphyxiation.On this week’s episode, Jason gains gender support from our first male guest, podcast virgin, Adam, who selected one of the most bizarre and fantastic movies that Darth h

The Mask - Episode 013
May 03, 2019

SOMEBODY, STOP ME!And the Oscar for Tightest Red Dress goes to…Cameron Diaz (a.k.a. the human Jessica Rabbit in The Mask)! Don’t be fooled, gang. Jason pretends to hate this amazing movie while TOTALLY appreciating all of Cameron’s ASS

012 - Billy Madison
April 29, 2019

Have you ever felt like the puppy who lost his way? Welcome to Billy Madison.*Disclaimer: There is NO PROVEN CORRELATION between Adam Sandler movies and cancer*Get excited for Nudey Magazine Day! In this 1995 classic, we discover that we would have learne