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What Are Informational Interviews? With Jennifer Polk, PhD
September 13, 2022

Informational interviews can help you get from PhD to Life. Meet career coach Dr. Jen Polk who joins me to talk about info interviews and networking.

Grad School with Dr. Toyin Alli of The Academic Society
September 06, 2022

Toyin Alli, PhD helps student succeed in grad school at The Academic Society LLC. She's a math lecturer who helps students survive grad school! We talk about her book, YouTube, and more.

Academic Writing and Finding Community Online with Dr. Lisa Munro
August 30, 2022

Dr. Lisa Munro talks about how to kickstart your journal article. Did you know she has a private community for academic writers on Mighty Networks?

Successes and Setbacks of Social Media Cheyenne Seymour, EdD
August 23, 2022

Cheyenne Seymour, EdD joins me to talk about her book Successes and Setbacks of Social Media: Impact on Academic Life.

Racism in Education in New Jersey with Walter D. Greason, PhD
August 09, 2022

Walter Greason, PhD returns to talk about racism in education in New Jersey, the January 6th insurrection, and the upcoming Black Panther movie.

Dan Marrable of 448 Studio Helps Academics with Digital Media and Technology
August 02, 2022

Did you attend a virtual event or conference during the pandemic? Meet Dan Marrable, founder of 448 Studio. We talk about digital media, events, and educational technology advancements.

Professor Chinasa Elue on Grief, Trauma, and Talking About Loss Online
July 12, 2022

How do you talk about grief and loss online? Chinasa Elue, PhD opens up about the death of her mom, and the research she's doing to help leaders move forward with trauma-informed practices.

Graphical Abstracts and Animations To Share Your Science Online with Dr. Tullio Rossi
March 22, 2022

Tullio Rossi, PhD helps scientists share their research with visuals Dr. Tullio Rossi is a marine biologist turned entrepreneur helping scientists around the world share their research. Tullio found t

Your Personal Website Can Grow Over Time with Interview Guest Jane CoomberSewell
January 31, 2022

Your personal website can adapt to meet your needs as they change over time. Hear from recent PhD Jane CoomberSewell on how her website redesign is going.

RJ Thompson is a Professor and Digital Marketer in Higher Education
November 30, 2021

RJ Thompson, MFA is a digital marketer and a professor in Higher Education. Learn how to get better students and what it's like to collaborate with university communications to promote your research.