Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks

Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks

Energy Windows, Multiple Timelines & The END of the Matrix As We Know It! | Jean Nolan of Inspired

January 20, 2023

Jean Nolan of Inspired Channel joins me for an intriguing discussion on what he refers to as “Energy Windows.” What are they and how can we utilize them to power forward in our lives, despite the Matrix-like existence we currently navigate?

Can we actually create energy windows with our thoughts, intentions and actions or are we at the mercy of unique planetary cycles in order to harness these great energetic influences? Further, what do we do when an energy window is temporarily closed? Jean has some excellent advice on these important questions.

We also discuss Project Looking Glass and Jean’s ongoing conversations with esoteric researcher Frank Jacob about how multiple timelines and the possible interference of certain timelines are affecting our collective “future.”

Jean will then give us his take on the inevitability of transhumanism and the potential of full A.I. takeover.

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Visit Jean Nolan’s Inspired Links: https://url.bio/inspired