Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks

Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks

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In Conversation with the Producer of Thrive II Kimberly Carter Gamble
February 13, 2021

Thrive II wasn't in the plan says producer Kimberly Carter Gamble. So what was the push that made it happen? One powerful half of the creative team behind both Thrive I  - What On Earth Will it Take and now Thrive II - This is What it Takes,

Get Your “DIY Psychic” On! Tips and Tricks with Psychic Medium John Holland
February 09, 2021

John Holland on how to be your own psychic medium in 2021! International psychic medium John Holland has circled the globe talking and teaching about the magic of psychic ability and mediumship. - His landmark best-selling Tarot and Oracle Deck: The ...

Tony Harris – Host of The Proof is Out There on UFO Disclosure and Transparency in 2021
January 22, 2021

Will New History Channel Show Help to Open "Pandora's Box" on UFO Disclosure and Other Incidents of the "Unexplained?" Veteran Journalist and host of the new History Channel series The Proof is Out There,

Terry Lovelace: UFO Disclosure Mandate, Mystery Monoliths, Ear Buzzing & other Weirdness
January 21, 2021

Terry Lovelace, author of Incident at Devils Den shares his thoughts on the High Strangeness in 2021 and Beyond With the prospect of mandates for “Official” UFO Disclosure on our doorstep, thanks to a provision “tucked” into the new 2.

Julia Cannon on How to Become Your Own Channel in 2021
January 19, 2021

Daughter of the late Dolores Cannon shares her insights on why channeling will be more effective during the current times The late Dolores Cannon left a lasting legacy on millions of people around the world,

Numerologist Sharon Millstein – 2021 Forecast by the Numbers: “We Will Become Unearthed!”
January 03, 2021

After a year that brought the "Twilight Zone" to real life, what do the numbers have to say about 2021? - This video is sponsored by Keen!

The Tulpa Takeover – Novelist Rob MacGregor Releases His Latest SciFi Thriller
December 18, 2020

The Tulpa is known to Tibetan Buddhists as manifested entities created from thought. Novelist Rob MacGregor takes this concept to a whole new level in his new SciFi thriller - About the book "Tulpas" - "Inception meets Westworld in an original SF nov...

Skeptiko Host Alex Tsakiris on the Metaphysics of Evil
December 14, 2020

New Book "Why Evil Matters" Exposes the Underbelly of Darkness and Light What is evil? Why is it seemingly so pervasive on our planet right now? Is there a purpose to evil that can help mankind truly extricate the light? -

Christine Day on What’s Happening and What’s Coming: A Pleiadian Message
December 09, 2020

"Pleiadian Ambassador" Christine Day Sheds Light on the Shadow of 2020 and What's to Come. Christine Day known as the Pleiadian Ambassador shares her insights from the Pleiadians about what’s coming up for us (both individually and collectively) o...

HeartMath Senior Executive Tells of Harrowing Experience During California Wildfires
November 19, 2020

Howard Martin of HeartMath says his entire life has been transformed like never before! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gSvyrdll5o - HeartMath has been on the leading edge of understanding the otherwise unknown potentials of the heart,