Hidden History Happy Hour with Alex & Bryan

Hidden History Happy Hour with Alex & Bryan

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Heroic Ukrainian Resistance and Russian Nuclear Threat Updates, Alex’s Grandfather and Other War Heroes
March 30, 2023

Alex is Back for a very special episode where the guys talk about Alex’s Grandfather’s WW2 heroics, along with leadership tales of Eisenhower and General Jim “Chaos” Mattis. Check out ...

Ancient Aliens – What Me Worry?
March 23, 2023

With Alex on assignment, Bryan and Ancient Aliens Physicist Michael Dennin discuss all manner ofwell, youll just have to watch. #ancientaliens #ufo #history Sources: Lessons From History: Hidden her

Cheer(io)s LIVE From London, with UFOs, Spacemen, Heroic Girls & Spy Balloons
March 01, 2023

A good time was had by all as Alex, Bryan & H4Fans record a LIVE episode in the wonderful High Timber restaurant in London. Learn of the amazing adventure of ...

The Ancestors Sing with Terry Franklin and Jeffrey Moline And that Spy Balloon
February 09, 2023

A multimedia extravaganza this week as fan favorite (and our first-ever guest) perform their new spoken-word/musical version of Lucy Suttons story. And hear Bryans take, as a former CIA officer, ...

The SECOND Unluckiest Ship in WW2
February 02, 2023

With gratitude for Germany in joining the US and UK in support of Ukraine with tanks, we even the score from last week with a US Navy ship that almost ...

Don’t Punch Yourself in the Face…and other Lessons From History
January 26, 2023

Alex & Bryan, continuing the return to their boozy roots, tell two stories from the phony war before World War II, including a remarkable feat of destruction from air to ...

Back to the Booze
January 19, 2023

In honor of todays terrific tale of Ernest Hemingways lesser-known brother from More Lessons of History, the guys debunk a Hemingway drinking myth and introduce fans to a Hemingway-favorite cocktail

Ronald Reagan & Bill Clinton in Retrospect
January 12, 2023

Bryan and guest co-host Nir Yarden tell Alexs Ronald Reagan story and talk leadership and decisiveness and have a guffaw or two (laughing with Alex not at him). Sources: ...

High Score
December 30, 2022

Maurice Flitcroft enters the 1976 golf Open, and posts a score that will never be beaten. Sources: Lessons From History: Hidden heroes and villains of the past, and what we ...

Ghosts of the Holy Land
December 24, 2022

Bryan and special guest host Nir Yarden discuss Bryans recent trip to the Middle East, including a new, true tale of The Ghosts of Amona and debate Middle East peace, ...