Her Story - Son Histoire à Elle

Her Story - Son Histoire à Elle

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Melissa Carter: The human side of Covid-19 (like feeding bananas to the elderly)
April 16, 2021

A year into this pandemic, we look ahead and we realize that there is still a long way to go. I cant help to think about the front line workers and how much theyve been carrying on their shoulders. If youre anything like me youve been curious about ho

Black voices matter with Benita Bailey: Learning how to HEAL
November 27, 2020

In this episode I invited my dear friend Benita Bailey up to the mic and she stepped up brilliantly.  Benita is a an actor in theatre, film/tv and also the creator and host of a new show called Yell It! that is gaining momentum across Canada and Germ

Black voices matter with Nantali Indongo: Pace ourselves
November 13, 2020

My next guest needs no introduction. But I’m going to introduce her anyways cause that’s what I do here on the show.  If you’ve been in Montreal for long enough you’ll recognize her voice as a broadcaster on CBC’s the Bridge and the occasional Daybre

Black voices matter with Abisara Machold: HAIR! our identity, our politics held tightly in it's coils
October 30, 2020

Hair.  It's political,  it holds power, trauma, our little girl memories in it's coils as tightly as we hold our identities to our hearts.  That's why talking with Abisara Machold was such an exciting experience for me, especially being the

Black voices matter with Dayane and Aiza Ntibarikure: CELEBRATE your life c'mon!
October 16, 2020

I had so much fun in this one.  Dayane and Aiza Ntibarikure joined me and shared some wise life tips and how to live big celebrate the sh*t out of everything.  If you haven't heard yet singer/songwriter Aiza is pretty much a Canadian star in the

Black voices matter with Mariah Inger: WE.NEED.TO.TALK.
October 02, 2020

Actress, singer, producer, mentor, creator, and mother Mariah Inger joins me on the podcast as part of the Black Voices Matters series.  Mariah has a very strong voice & screen presence and had some very poignant thoughts about racism, and how it

Black Voices Matter with Shanice Nicole - No more crumbs
September 18, 2020

Shanice Nicole is back.  Go back and listen to my first interview with her on the SEX series.  This time we are talking about coming back to the body in times of crisis.  Some of the ways she does it may delightfully tickle you!  Shani

Jessica Greenberg : Demystifying the casting process
February 28, 2020

In the entertainment industry there is a certain position that is highly underrated, unrecognized in all the award ceremonies and no one really gives out major accolades to, yet people who are in this position have the ability to change someone’s life, ov

Death Series - Marie-Pier Beauséjour: Vie après la mort: The rules and regulations of Death
February 14, 2020

*Cet épisode est bilingue * This episode is bilingual in French and English Do you know about the business of death here in Quebec?  Connaissez-vous la procedure, qui vous devez contactez apres la mort de quelqu'un.  Connaissez vous vos droits e

Death Series - Amélie Villeneuve: La plus grande justice
January 31, 2020

In certain lineages of Buddhism one important meditation is that if death.  Meditating on death can be an albeit peculiar way of appreciating this earthly life.  Ive been wanting to talk more deeply about the subject for a very long time perhap