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Heidi Harris Show Podcast #176: The NYT thinks the GOP is dying. Is that true?
September 25, 2019

A recent column from Dem Strategist Stanley Greenberg in the NYT claimed that the GOP is dying. What he was really hoping for is the chance to have government solve all our nation’s problems. Here’s my analysis…

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #175: Tend to your marriage or lose it
September 23, 2019

Your marriage is more important than your social media profile. That should be obvious, but I just saw a YouTube designer who revealed that her husband fell in love with someone else after nearly forty years. She mentioned this as an aside,

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #174: Dems whining about media coverage?
September 17, 2019

I have to admit I find it hilarious that the Democrat candidates are whining about the coverage they’re getting from the press. Welcome to Donald Trump’s world. They have honestly come to expect such fawning from the MSM that they are legitimately shoc...

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #173: What parent do or don’t owe their adult children
September 10, 2019

Why are so many adult children today acting so entitled? The more parents give them, the worse they are often treated by their ungrateful offspring. After witnessing the manipulation and guilt adult children lay on their parents, Linda Herman,

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #172: Do what you can with what you have, where you are
September 05, 2019

Teddy Roosevelt was quoted as saying, “Do what you can with what you have, where you are”. Great advice, and something I continue to tell myself when I don’t have the all tools I think I need to succeed. Like most people,

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #171: We’re too busy fighting each other to recognize the TRUE enemy
August 29, 2019

These days we are allowing others to define who the enemy should be and spend so much of our time fighting over social media posts, politics, race, etc., that we’ve lost sight of who the enemy really is. My guest, Pastor Darrell Porter,

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #170: Guest – Dr. Michael Brown on Jezebel’s influence on America today
August 22, 2019

Dr. Michael Brown is a favorite guest of mine. He’s Jewish by heritage, but a Believer in Christ. He’s columnist, radio host and speaker. His latest book, “Jezebel’s War With America” has a lot of great information on how the attitudes and evil attitud...

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #169: Red Flag laws will never replace moral courage
August 16, 2019

Red Flag laws are being discussed as the “solution” to prevent more mass shootings, and they already exist in various jurisdictions. But a recent case in New Jersey was a perfect example of why those laws won’t ever replace moral courage.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #168: Social media’s censorship and the effect on talk radio
July 25, 2019

How are radio hosts across the country responding to the censorship and “shadow banning” of conservative hosts on social media? I have certainly experienced it firsthand, and it’s annoying to say the least.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #167: If you refuse to date transgenders, are you “dehumanizing” them?
July 17, 2019

Transgendered people have a suicide rate 25 times higher than the general public, (41%) and now we have an “expert” claiming that when straight people don’t want to date them it’s “dehumanizing”, and may be contributing to their unhappiness.