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HH 078: Happiness From The Sky (Luca Cimarusti/Annihilus, Luggage)
January 13, 2022

Joining me this week is Luca Cimarusti - drummer in Chicago-based heavy trio Luggage, and leader of his solo black metal project Annihilus. Both bands were creatively active in 2021 and released new m

HH 077: Wheaties & Lucky Charms (Kate Bernot/Good Beer Hunting Sightlines, Craft Beer & Brewing)
January 06, 2022

Joining us this week is Kate Bernot, a contributing Editor for Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, Sightlines contributor for Good Beer Hunting, and previously beer editor for Draft Magazine. In addition t

HH 076: Protest Songs (Zach Blair/Rise Against)
December 30, 2021

Joining us this week is Zach Blair, lead guitarist in the legendary punk band Rise Against. For anyone that grew up in Chicago in the early 2000s and was at all interested in rock music, Rise Against

HH 075: Discovering Cultural Confidence (Lucy Corne/On Tap Magazine/African Beer Cup)
December 23, 2021

Joining me this week is Lucy Corne a freelance writer and beverage industry consultant based in Cape Town. She is the Editor of On Tap Magazine, South Africa’s only magazine dedicated to beer. Lucy is

HH 074: Death Metal Forever (Anders "El Guapo" Gustafsson/Zombiekrig)
December 16, 2021

Joining us this week is Anders “El Guapo” Gustafsson, founding guitarist of Zombiekrig, a thrash metal band based in Gothenburg Sweden. The band released new studio material for the first time in almo

HH 073: Land of Men (Buick Audra/Friendship Commanders)
December 09, 2021

Joining us this week is Buick Audra, a Grammy award winning musician, writer, and activist living in Nashville, TN. She is the guitarist, primary songwriter and vocalist in the melodic heavy duo, Frie

HH 072: Finding Inspiration In Family History (Laurin Mack/Conrad Seipp Brewing Company)
November 25, 2021

People find their way into the commercial side of beer world through many avenues. Common narratives typically involve an interplay of seeking something different than what the market offered, discove

HH 071: Experiences Drive Sensory (Averie Swanson/Keeping Together)
November 18, 2021

Joining us this week is Averie Swanson, the founder and beermaker of Keeping Together. While the company was founded in 2019 - when Averie arrived in Chicago and had an opportunity to begin making her

HH 070: Rekindling (Mikael Stanne/The Halo Effect, Dark Tranquillity, Grand Cadaver)
November 11, 2021

This week I am in Studio Berserk in Gothenburg Sweden with Mikael Stanne, vocalist and lyricist of the melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity and Grand Cadaver.  - Our conversation revolves around

HH 069: Pairing Music With Landscapes (Jeremy Walker & Alex Feher/Fire In The Mountains)
November 04, 2021

From its clandestine roots, to an environmentally focused multi day music and lifestyle event, Fire In The Mountains, has become an important festival in the heavy music calendar. Want to see Emma Rut