Running To the Beat Podcast

Running To the Beat Podcast

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Pete’s 5k Training Mix
June 15, 2022

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all running strong, being healthy, enjoying life, and breathing the fresh air. Here is the new 40-minute mix I created for my 5k training. […]

Glide w/Binaural Beat Waves for Energy, Focus and Creative Thinking
May 28, 2022

Hey Hey Hey Runners, It’s Memorial Day Weekend and I hope you are enjoying your weekend. It’s beautiful here in Chicago. This morning I went for an incredible walk/run while […]

Glide Glide – 126-130 BPM May 2022
April 30, 2022

” I love running with music because nothing can change your mood faster than Running to the Beat”. Peter Canellis Lace up and hit the pavement with me for a […]

Fun Run – 126-134 BPM Halloween 2021
October 30, 2021

Good evening runners, Are you ready for a kick-ass fun run!  Well, let’s get moving as I Put A Spell On You with more great running music.   Let’s Power […]

Reborn – Cancer Killing Cell Mix – 444hz
October 29, 2021

Listeners, After my cancer diagnosis I decided to turn part of my focus towards healing music.  But then I ran into a conundrum.  I realized I didn’t have enough time […]

Steady, Ready and Grounded 30 min 124 bpm
October 23, 2021

Good evening loyal listeners. Steady, Ready, and Grounded is a 30 min run specifically designed for enjoyment and to help you stay grounded.  You will hear killer new tunes and […]

Reborn – The Energy Booster Mix
October 18, 2021

Friends, I am trying something new.  Here I have combined a positive mood sequence ie: Reborn Mix with energizing high-frequency beta waves to inspire and motivate.  Max benefits received while […]

REBORN REBORN – Negative Split Run 122-132 BPM
October 14, 2021

Reborn is designed specifically as a Running To The Beat Negative Split Run. That will Heal Beat by Beat. In addition, to its Epic and Powerful rhythms and cadence Reborn […]

You Are Strong
March 23, 2021

                                          You Are Strong is a fun, uplifitng 30 minute […]

The Power
February 22, 2021

          Good day runners and welcome to your monthly dose of Running To The Beat! This episode is called “The Power”. Fuel your power run with […]