Hearts Unleashed

Hearts Unleashed

366: Live Your YES Life with Kaela Gedda

June 04, 2024

Come celebrate Hearts Unleashed House newest author with us! Kaela Gedda just wrote and launched her debut book, Live Your YES Life: How to Get What You Want Without Being Stopped by Money, Time, or Approval, and that is exactly what we are talking about in this episode. 

Kaela, one of the biggest dreamers and achievers I know, knows how to get exactly what she wants regardless of what her circumstances say about it. She shifted from 6 figures in debt to becoming a 6 figure earner in her first year of entrepreneurship…y’all, I watched it happen in real time! Kaela is a YES to a life that brings her Joy and helping others do the same. She lives in the world of possibility and loves to bring us with her so join us for this episode because there’s room for you on this transformation train!