Latest Episodes

Season 2 Episode 11
August 24, 2020

This episode sees the boys go IN! as they do an epic 4hour set! featuring Anthony Barrett , Izzy Morley & Jason Gaye they chop it up over a multitude of topics so we'll just leave it to you to make sense of it all...enjoy.

Season 2 Episode 10
June 22, 2020

We speak to Liverpool based Photographer & Documenter En Official They discuss:  The second covid wave,   Savvy's been watch right wing news,  The US secretary of Education Betsy DeVos,  Charter schools,  The Corruption o

Season 2 Episode 9
June 17, 2020

As we enter yet another week of Lockdown the boys decide catch up with Daniel Bola Sogbasen and discuss the recent events that have taken & are taking place as they speak. They discuss:   Mr Darcy,  The evolution of Cats & Dogs, &nb

Season 2 Episode 8
June 10, 2020

This episode the boys catch up with Dj, Promoter and all round Donn Diva Rowan Swale aka L-Ro Savvy's been gardening, Lord Soggy, Savvy's metaphor for US & UK systematic racism, The British Empire, Colonialism, Boris Johnson type or racism,  What

Season 2 Episode 7
June 08, 2020

The episode sees the guys catch up with Huddersfield born illustration icon Peter O'toole  They talk: Benaiah stuffing himself coz its Eid, The dangers of African & West Indian Food, Savvy's losing track of the days but zoning,  Kids social

Season 2 Episode 6
May 20, 2020

As lockdown continues the guys link back up for another remote show... They discuss: The unfortunate death of UK Hip Hop artist Ty from the Corona Virus,  Self diagnosis,  Practicing social distancing is this the new normal,  Should we cont

Season 2 Episode 5
May 11, 2020

This episode sees them catch up with singer songwriter Ruby Wood known for work with Submotion Orchestra, Linden Jay, Fabolous, Alfa Mist and more..  They discuss: The variety of peoples reaction to being in lockdown, Accents, Adapting to the cu

Season 2 Episode 4
April 26, 2020

As the boys continue through the Lockdown period they keep it moving. this time connecting with Robbie May the founder & director of the Liverpool based sneaker festival LacesOut  They discuss: Robbie's May sounds like an lates 80s footballer, Sa

Season 2 episode 3
April 19, 2020

This episode sees the Savvy & Benaiah  link up (well virtually) with special guest; Sneaker guru, Host of the All city show at Soho radio & recently food reviewer Kish One. They discuss: Technological leaps, Alan sugar & his gangstaness,

Series 2 Episode 2
April 11, 2020

As we enter other week of lockdown Savvy & Benaiah keep it rolling and adapt to social distancing.They discuss: How COVID is effecting UK daily life,  Benaiah's making knots, Bedtime alarms,  The new series of Ozark,  Savvy wants to m