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Ransomware in Healthcare: Why Are We Targeted?
July 10, 2020

Ransomware has grown into a real threat across all market verticals but healthcare seems to be a special target for this type of cyber attack.  Why is that the case?  This talk will detail what motivates the cyber criminal and how the healthcare indust...

Podcast Interview with CIO Kevin Wiese, Part 2: “We End Up Learning From Our Non-IT Staff.”
July 07, 2020

In the behavioral health space, where the no-show rate for visitors has long been a challenge, telemedicine offers a level of convenience that could be a game-changer, says CIO Kevin Wiese. “Time will tell as we look at the data.”

“Front and Center”: UConn Health’s Role in Deploying Statewide Covid-19 Testing
July 02, 2020

For UConn Health, the opportunity to leverage its interface with Jackson Laboratories – and its partnership with Epic – to help lead the initiative to deploy statewide Covid-19 testing was too good to pass up,

HIT Policy Update
July 01, 2020

Dr. John Halamka, CEO of the Mayo Clinic Platform, will provide the latest information on the government's policy-related Covid-19 measures, as well as other important updates.

Podcast Q&A with Craig Richardville, Part 2: “Consumers Are Becoming the Destination.”
July 01, 2020

Unlike long-term strategies, a short-term plan enables organizations to pivot quickly “because you don’t have that foothold in place that’s keeping you from turning,” says Craig Richardville, who talks about the importance of agility in today’s environ...

Project Recovery Strategies for a Post Covid-19 World
June 25, 2020

As the tide of Covid-19 cases wanes, healthcare IT executives can now "pick up where they left off," essentially dusting off and getting back to the list of projects they were working on before the world changed. This approach, of course,

Podcast Interview with CIO Kevin Wiese, Part 1: “I’m Just Trying to Guide the Process.”
June 25, 2020

During an EHR migration, the CIO's most critical objective is to "involve the right people and get the right input," says Kevin Wiese, CIO at BestSelf Behavioral Health, particularly when it comes to decisions on build and workflow.

Podcast Interview with Dr. Adam Glasofer, Part 2: “This Has Rapidly Raised the Bar.”
June 23, 2020

The most valuable tool for clinicians is one that goes beyond simply providing information and delivers actionable data that can guide in decision-making, says Adam Glasofer, MD, Chief Innovation Officer at Virtua Health.

Securing the Ever-Expanding Healthcare Enterprise Through Identity Governance 
June 19, 2020

Even before Covid-19, healthcare organizations were rapidly expanding beyond the four walls of the hospital into physician practices, retail clinics and homes. With Covid-19, that expansion exploded as employees needed to access systems remotely and do...

Podcast Interview with Craig Richardville, Part 1: “The Crisis Has Allowed Us to Disrupt Ourselves.”
June 18, 2020

If you want to survive a disaster – particularly one in which both patients and employees are homebound – you need to view your organization “as a tech company,” says Craig Richardville, and that means being “fast and efficient.”