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Podcast: Nick Patel on the Digital Pitfalls to Avoid & the Traits of a Successful CDO
September 23, 2021

The role of the chief digital officer isn’t to augment the EHR, but rather, to maximize its use and find ways to leverage emerging technologies to improve the patient experience, said Nick Patel, MD,

Keys to Rolling Out Identity Security and Data Governance Solutions
September 21, 2021

In an increasingly interconnected mobile society, health systems are grappling with how to leverage resources to drive operational efficiencies for better patient outcomes.  As a result of telemedicin

Podcast: Nick Patel on the Rise of CDOs & What to Look for with Startups
September 16, 2021

“We’re realizing we can do a lot outside of these big buildings that cost millions of dollars,” said Nick Patel, CDO at Prisma Health. In this podcast, he talked about the “paradigm shift” happening i

The CIO’s Best Friends: Leveraging CMIOs & CNIOs to Foster IT Success
September 15, 2021

Savvy IT executives know their success is dependent on clinician engagement, cooperation and support; which makes having an effective CMIO and CNIO absolutely critical. In this webinar, we'll hear abo

Podcast: CIO Dan Nigrin on Note Bloat, “Constant” Training & His Move to Maine
September 13, 2021

One of the most common mistakes organizations make when implementing EHRs is to provide training only at go-live, said Dan Nigrin, MD, CIO at MaineHealth, in a recent interview. “These systems are cha

Interoperability Quest: Wins, Challenges & New Paradigms in the Fight for Seamless Data Flow
September 09, 2021

For regulatory, clinical and business reasons, interoperability is at the top of every CIO's to-do list. Unfortunately, seamless data flow between vendor applications is difficult to achieve. In this

Podcast Q&A: CIO Jackie Rice on Remaining Independent and Why Data Is “Our Biggest Resource”
September 06, 2021

One of the many advantages of being a data-driven culture? The ability to leverage analytics to identify needs and prioritize investments to figure out "what meets needs and what doesn't," said CIO Ja

Partner Perspective: Consolidating on an Enterprise Communication Platform Has Potential to Reduce Costs & Increase Clinician Satisfaction
September 01, 2021

Si Luo, VP of Vocera Edge at Vocera, talks with healthsystemCIO's Anthony Guerra about the current state of care team collaboration, why he thinks there is a better way to handle such communications;

Podcast Q&A: CIO Dan Nigrin on Momentum, User Education & “Eye-Opening” Experiences
September 01, 2021

One of the most important steps CIOs and other leaders can take to improve clinician satisfaction? Provide education and ongoing support, says Dan Nigrin, MD, CIO at MaineHealth, in this podcast inter

Future State: Industry Leaders Discuss Today’s Priorities & Tomorrow’s Challenges
August 31, 2021

Being an effective healthcare IT executive has never been more exciting, or challenging. In this quarterly series, luminaries reveal what they're working on today, what they envision tackling tomorrow