Health Care Law Today Podcast

Health Care Law Today Podcast

Who’s The Boss: Convergence and Consolidation in Cancer Care

February 22, 2022

In this episode, Foley Partners Adria Warren and Alexis Bortniker sit with Michael Kolodziej of ADVI Health about the upcoming Cancer Center Business Summit and the current convergence and consolidation in the oncology industry and what that means for the future of cancer care.


We are thrilled to announce that the ACCC 48th Annual Meeting & Cancer Business Summit (AMCCBS) will now be offered as a hybrid event—with limited in-person attendance and an all-new livestreaming options—March 2-4 at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC.


Explore cutting-edge solutions to persistent challenges and navigate our shifting cancer care landscape during our newly streamlined programming, creating a more intimate setting that delivers all-new, targeted education and networking experiences. 

We are committed to offering opportunities to collaborate, grow, and transform—whether in-person or virtually. Over a three-day period, AMCCBS will offer more than 20 interactive sessions that will be equally as engaging whether onsite in DC or streaming live directly to you. All sessions will be livestreamed in real-time, allowing attendees the ability to have their questions answered by speakers in real-time.


To register for the conference, please visit the conference website.