Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

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Can Lanosterol eye drops reverse cataracts?
April 22, 2019

I have been getting so many questions about the a new eye drop called Lanosterol. Can it reverse cataracts? What are the best eye drops to reverse my cataracts?

New Laser to rejuvenate the retina.
April 15, 2019

Various forms of light therapy have been shown to help treat ocular disorders. At the Healing the Eye and Wellness Center we are using Syntonic light therapy, Thor cold laser, Delta laser and  Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Treatment.

Annoying floaters can now be treated without dangerous surgery!
April 05, 2019

Floaters are located in the vitreous humor but if you have floaters they are not humorous! Virtually every individual has experienced or will experience the visual shadows caused by vitreous strands and opacities, commonly referred to as 'floaters',

Ask Dr. Kondrot a question March 31, 2019
April 05, 2019

Updates in Eye Care Just returned from Retina World Congress and have exciting news to share with you! - Laser to treat floaters Floaters are located in the vitreous humor but if you have floaters they are not humorous!

When to have eye surgery and when not to!
March 12, 2019

When to have eye surgery is a very serious decision. I will discuss when you absolutely need to have eye surgery and other conditions where surgery might not be your best option. In this podcast you will learn conditions where surgery is absolutely nec...

Bringing Light into Darkness
March 06, 2019

For this Podcast I want to share a clip from the Vision Event which took place on Feb 1, 2019. The opening of the event was called "Bringing Light into Darkness" Much of my work is helping the abandoned and forgotten who are loosing their vision.

Ask Dr. Kondrot a Question February 2019
February 26, 2019

Back from the Togo Eye Mission in Africa. Over 150 blind patients, including 5 children, were treated to restore their lost vision. Instead of a guest this Sunday on Healthy Vision we we will have open lines for you to ask Dr. Kondrot a question!

Fuchs Dystrophy and other Corneal Dystropies
January 14, 2019

Fuchs dystrophy and other dystrophies  Why you need to be aware of this condition Symptoms Prevention Treatment both traditional and alternative

Ask Dr Kondrot a Question. December 30, 2018
January 01, 2019

End of the year program! Celebrate with me a the last radio show of the  year of healthy vision! Thank you for joining  with me to Celebrate a successful year with Healthy Vision Talk Radio My Mission has been on two  fronts

Live Broadcast from Jodhpur India
November 27, 2018

Please excuse the quality of this recording since it was broadcasted live from India.  There are over 15 million blind in India and a simple cataract operation will restore their sight. Like us on FaceBook! www.Facebook.com/healingtheeye