Heal From Mold

Heal From Mold

Episode 2: Heal from Mold Book, Introduction

March 11, 2017

I was on a run this morning and thinking about what to do for the next episode of this podcast. The first episode has been well-received generally, but it did not really cover the basics of what mold disease is.

Then it dawned on me--give away your book! For free!

To give some context, a few months ago I had started and essentially completed a fairly robust draft of what I hoped would be the friendliest book on mold disease. It would be directed toward patients only and presume that they did not have any scientific background. I named this pet project Heal From Mold and shelved it after a couple exhausting rounds of editing. The mission of the book was to explain to patients how mold disease worked in a way that was educational, engaging and, possibly, even fun.

I wanted to use a conversational tone and be unsparingly honest in acknowledging the failure of conventional medicine in treating mold patients. On the other hand, I also wanted the book to give readers hope--hope that there were effective ways to diagnose and treat mold disease BASED IN SCIENCE.

In this episode, I will read the introduction of my book. It discusses the common plight of mold disease patients being ignored or dismissed by conventional medicine. It covers how I came to discover that mold disease was real. And it outlines the evidence for the existence of mold disease.