Heal From Mold

Heal From Mold


March 03, 2017

Welcome to the first medical podcast dedicated exclusively to mold disease or Complex Inflammatory Response Syndrome, as it is officially named.

Mold disease is real.

It affects millions of people.

It also has an effective treatment.

The discovery of mold disease and a treatment protocol is primarily the achievement of one man, a physician and researcher named Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker. Dr. Shoemaker has been treating diseases related to biotoxins, like mold, for the past twenty years and, while he is now retired from clinical practice, he continues to conduct research.

Dr. Shoemaker joins the inaugural episode to discuss his latest publication that explores the unique pattern of DNA-activation that occurs in mold disease. This field is called genomics and the most recent study demonstrates that use of his treatment protocol leads to a REVERSAL of the inflammatory changes that lie at the heart of mold disease.

It is admittedly a technical topic but it highlights much of the promise of the high level of science for mold disease, or Complex Inflammatory Response Syndrome: objective and sophisticated testing for diagnosis and demonstration of treatment effect at--this bears repeating again--the DNA activation level!