Having Words

Having Words

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042 - Building Confidence with a Personal Trainer
March 17, 2020

This week personal trainer (PT) Dalton Tessier joins the podcast to discuss what a PT is and how it can build confidence in someone. He also expresses the misconceptions and life coaching of a PT, as well as the business side of working for yourself. @dkt

041 - Self-Employed, Working Musicians
November 25, 2019

Musicians Soph & Simon join the podcast.

Season 2 Trailer - Having Words
October 31, 2019

Promoting insightful conversations and create meaningful content.

040 - Sacrifices, Risks & Working for Yourself
October 31, 2019

Creative business owner Tom Nattrass joins the podcast.

039 - Appealing to 300,000 Subscribers
October 08, 2019

YouTuber Arran chats with Josh about the struggles and success in building and maintaining 300,000 subscribers.

038 - Running from Asia to London
September 28, 2019

Russell Cook chats with Josh about his journey and what it takes to accomplish goals.

037 - Encouraging Personal Growth
September 16, 2019

Michelle Elizabeth Hui chats with Josh about personal growth.

036 - Following Your Passion
September 10, 2019

Bethany Grace Barnes, Health and Fitness Coach and new guest chats with Josh.

035 - Outside of Your Comfort Zone
September 02, 2019

Christina Loizou, Miss Brighton's Finalist and new guest chats with Josh.

034 - Staying True to Yourself
August 27, 2019

Saxona Woolgar, Miss Brighton's Finalist and new guest chats with Josh.