Hardcity Raindrop‘s

Hardcity Raindrop‘s

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What was it Like working with the PhillY MAFIA, My Body Shop Past
October 12, 2021

Skinny Joey Merlino, Philadelphia Mafia, Podcst, Chop shop

Into the Fire
October 07, 2021

This is how Dani Miskell's Trail effected me the actaul victim that is being silenced by her lies. The story your're all not getting.

YouTube‘s Censorship Rampage Over Misinformation On Vaccines
October 02, 2021

YouTube’s Censorship Rampage Over Misinformation on Vaccines, More Censorship is coming to creator’s. The AP (Associated press) put tweets and articles out about misinformation with……you guessed it Mi

Youtbe‘s New Rampage over Censorship and Vaccine Misinformation
October 02, 2021

YouTube to Enforce New Censorship over Vaccine Misinformation

The danger of fake news and main stream Media
September 14, 2021

Episode 2, talking about COVID-19, ivermectin, Jimmy dore, Joe Rogan, Ethan Klein, the guidelines for ivermectin put in place by the WHO (world health organization) and NIH( national institutes of hea

Lunch ATOP a Skyscrapper The most Famous Photo everTAKEN
May 11, 2021

Episode 1 Lunch atop a Skyscrapper the most Famous  Photograph ever taken. Pictures 11 New York City Iron workers on an I beam 840 ft 60 stories abover NY streets at Rockafella Plaza September 20th 1932.  

Shit hit the fanny
January 28, 2021

Episode 34